Sunday, October 17, 2010

You are my everything

Cookie Baby

This three years is the most wonderful three years in Mummy's 27 year of life.

You are not just a pet nor a dog to Mummy...but you are Mummy's everything.

You made Mummy's going home a looking forward process...from the day u cum till the day u left. Every weekdays at work, Mummy just cant wait to go home to have u jumping in joy upon seeing Mummy is home. Cookie, do u remember all these? Will u forget Mummy? Mummy have not forgetten every little bits of Cookie, not at all, not now and not ever.

U are a very quiet dog. U seldom bark, only when there is some one at the door. Even when something goes wrong, u never bark and seldom whine.

When things goes wrong, u are always the one who pick it up. When the aircon was leaking, be it in the middle of the nite or be it in the day time when Mummy was busy wif other thing, u stood rite there...looking at the aircon and looking back at Mummy. Mummy is a blur person yah. U are alway the one who notice things. Mummy only notice the aircon leaking, despite its pouring out so much water, until Mummy saw that look on ur face.

Not just the aircon, the tiolet bowl leakage too. U stood outside the tiolet refuse to move even when Mummy call a hundred times...not until Mummy discover it.

Baby, do u remember there was once there is a big fly in Mummy room that make Mummy frek out. U were so brave. U jump and jump trying to catch the fly away. And eventuali the fly gave up and left.

Cookie, Mummy have to learn to live my life again. All over again...without u around anymore....

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