Saturday, October 23, 2010

When its all that u have

Cookie baby,

Last nite, Mummy had to burn midnite oil studying for the upcoming exam. Mummy did it alone with all the rest sleeping. Even Jappy Kor Kor cant wait and fast alseep before everyone of us... Mummy stay up late til 1plus pm. And suddenly, Mummy just break down again. Mummy really miss u. Do u know this is the most difficult time in Mummy life. Cookie - Mummy is so lousy rite?

The nite time seem the hardest. Esp when all are alseep. If u were stil around, am i sure u will be here for Mummy rite?

Knowing life without u would be hard but it until Mummy had really experience the loss that i realised the pain. Its when someone loss before, then that someone will realised how it have been. How true...and how real it is.

Just like now. Mummy never know that all i need is God until all i have is God...Only God.

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