Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dog names


Never had i feel that chosing a name for a dog need great effort and guideline to avoid.To me, cookie's name came about just so that i love cookies alot and i feel that this name COOKIE does sound much fun and joy.

Having a dog is adding on joy and laughter to our life isnt it? So i was convince to name her cookie without tinking of COOKIE MONSTER then. hahaha

Soon, this cookie grows. And as she grow, of course she represent lots of fun and joy (in her self). I mean she do had lots of fun and joy in created rubbish. Thats her life! Since young her joy is in shredding paper. And as she ages, this joy turn into shredding tissue and now it became every soft toys that is in her way.

Well - she live up for her name: Cookie the Monster

i did some read up and research and found out that there are actuali certain guide when its comes to choseing a dog name.

Two Syallables:A dog name is best when its a two syallables name. Why? Cos one syllables words goes for commands like - sit, down, stay, up, no....etcFor those who read up on training a dog should noes that there are no such words as SIT DOWN. It will get the dog confuse as in" you wan me to sit or you want me to down.???
Well-back to name: one syallables name like Jo, as example could confuse the dog into tinking that owner is giving command.
As for any name longer that two syallables - its hard for the dogs to proces.

Sound of the name
A dog name should not sound like anyone in the family, if not when u are calling Daddy, your Danny dog cum instead.

Wel, in Jappy caase - this is what happen.
I used to call hubby a few nick like Hubby on good mood, Daddy when the furkids are ard, Dardar when i feel like it....
As u can hear, all these nick rhymes abit like Jappy
Of course, our sweet Jappy boy nv once been confuse or mixed up his name before....instead its alway the other way round.

When i call Jappy.........Hubby, Daddy, Dardar cum running to me.

CCS Silk Spirit


CCS Silk Spirit

Liquid Silk Protein
Smooth & Silky, Eliminates Frizz, Glossy Shine, Blocks Static

Transform damaged skin and coat with Silk Spirits moisturizing Liquid Silk Protein with Panthenol™ to achieve a smooth silky texture, lively volume and a shimmering shine.
Achieve instant luster and manageability, smoothing rough cuticles while relaxing waves and split ends without ever feeling sticky or looking wet. Eliminate static fly away coat and frizz caused from dry climate conditions and restore life to dull and dry coats for a soft silky touch while adding volume without weighing down the coat.
Silk Spirits moisturizing natural organic silk fiber proteins replenishes the coat to a natural balance. Addressing the health of the skin and coat.
CONTAINS: Silk Peptides, Vitamin B, Panthenol
DIRECTIONS: apply a small amount of Silk Spirits into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, then massage into wet or dry clean coat and skin. Comb or brush throughout coat, making sure ends are treated. Do not rinse out. Follow by styling in your normal way.


Best after bath leave in vitamins for fur. Cookie had some spilt end and fly away fur ard her butt and ear and this ccs silk spirits reali helps to smooth out the frizz and give a real smooth silky touch and best of all - u dun feel oily at all.

Jappy boy began to use tis too. Work wonders.

Someting wrong

Cookie gt a new nick - emo gal. Which stand 4 emotional gal. Dun noe why 4 e whole of sunday,aft her bthday party on sat she became like dis. Eat too much? Stomach upset? Bored? Angry her bthday cake need to b share? God noes wat?
Anyway,stay tune 4 her bthday party pics soon.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Goodbye Blackie

Yes…its been almost more than 3mths that we had parted.

Finali, the real truth sank it to Mummies and Daddies heart.

You came to us as a lonely skinny fearful black little pup

And now We lost you as our precious little black pearl

You have always been our pearl – The one and only black pearl

Perphas that the reason why u are born Black

Reality is sad, Life is cruel to a stray

The truth is final even no matter how much its hurt.

Thank you for once being there to teach Mummies and Daddies how to “Give”

Goodbye our baby black pearl

You be always in our heart, ones that make us ache so much

We shall met again, for sure the day will cum when u are forever ours in heaven…

A final Goodbye baby blackie, til the day we became one again.

This shall be the very last time we tok abt baby blackie.
She will remain in our heart til the day came.

**the whole journey of our preiouse black pearl can be found in**

Monday, September 21, 2009

To Jappy 's Fan

Special Thanks to My greatest dearest friend, Ms A and family.

Ms A and Family helps to take reali good care of Jappy boy when i was away on a bangkok trip. While cookie is at home, taken care by my mum.
That week that i m going is a bad week. Mum predict to be busy in market as it the festive preiod and Jappy need extra care as in peeing and pooing.
Easier for mum to just handle cookie as she does her business right at the pee tray and even if they are busy to replace the pad - the pad could last til i m back as we had 2 big tray at home for her.

Ms A and kind family were great nice people. One who i reali tink can go through thick and thin as a friend with me, hand by hand. Despite noeing all Jappy bad habits, they nv nv once show that they mind. Jappy boy got many many bad habbits. Well, he love to mark certain places. And he wasnt smart enought to noe where he should pee and where not, he make himself wet all the times and he love to clean his wet mouth on the floor, he love the mud and he dun care how dirty his paw is.....etc.......In fact, i m the wan who feel so paiseh cos they are just too nice.

Jappy first nite was horrible. Many of friends, my mum and dad and even myself tinks that Jappy's happy go lucki nature would nv look for Mummy. I even tink that he might be too blur to know that Mummy is not by his side.
He surprised everyone. He cried the whole nite. I believe he must have try to tear down Ms A bedroom door. Although my good friend say ya he scratches the door and wanted to look for mummy....i knew how bad he can gets. He got elephant strenght. (whenever i prepare his food, in order to make me hurry up - Jappy boy will cried....whine....bark. These will go loudly and loudly all the way and sometime even after scolding - he continue its seem as thoug he is too deaf to hear scolding)(not only that he used his elephant strenth to bang our cabinet a hundreds times) So i knew its bad. Thank god, my dear friend is v understanding toward this.

The next few day, Jappy had fun and joy there wif their family dog vivi.

After i m back, now Jappy boy stick to me like a real duber super glue. real bad. Yesterday brin the babies down for a walk and after the walk i tie them up while wanting to help hubby to wash his car. But the moment, i try walk away, Jappy panick and whine and scream. And he keep pulling, i was so afraid he might hurt his own neck. Guess he is afraid i might leave him.

Hubby said " so now u noe - Jappy boy is not a blur blur gong gong! He noes how to look for Mummy and Daddy!"

Ms A and family - if u are reading this: Again the gifts i got is just not enought to express my thanks. Well, keep it my heart... my dear pal.

Our bangkok best buy

Brought dis special hand drawn cartoon figure of our two babies in a t-shirt. Daddy wanted to frame dis up n hang at our living rm. Nice rite?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rainbows after the rain


Its been a long while since i last update the blog.

Been on Mc since last friday after a day surgery. Well, i tot i will be able to endure the pain as its a small opt afterall....but i was wrong. There is a 10cents size wound on my belly and another smaller hole on the lower part. Well, both wounds made me in bed for at least the first and 2nd days after the opt. I didnt expect i could nt even move an iche as each move brin pain.

As for my two lovely babies, they seem to understand Mummy is sick. Mayb by the way i walk they could tel i m in pain. I do believe dogs feel how we feel.
For the first and 2nd day, i fall asleep on the bed like a hundred times, and guess what? Each time i open my eyes, i found cookie's face right in front of me. She been keeping watch of me throughout my sleep. Many times, i peep and find this gal dozing off while keeping a watchful eye on me. And she will jeke herself up and continue her watch.
When i rush to the tiolet to vomit, the two babies will be rite there. Although they cant do much, but each time i vomit, i could c the wori and shock look on cookie face. Its reali shows. And i had nv once see her so wori and shock before. The worri look is double the same kind of look when i send her in for her nail cutting. Somehow they keep me strong in a way or rather.
Jappy was not so affected as cookie. Jappy was stil the happy go lucki boy. But he does help too. Whenever i m on the bed and need help. I will call out for Hubby to cum to my aid. But sometime, hubby cant hear me as i m too weak to shout loud. Jappy boy will bark and bark and bark. All the way til my needs is attented too.

Having a dog is such a wonderful experience. They keep me going strong.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend Events


Mummy brought me and kor kor to serangoon. There is a dog event there. Kor kor take part in e fastest eating competition. And Daddy said Kor kor "throw our face" not only he didnt win, he ate like a gal. First he smell and lick and smell and lick. Kor kor didnt even finish the whole plate. Lousy korkor Jappy!

Happi Moments to share
WAWA - The tiny little chihuahua

As white as snow - Vivi the pure white one

Pure White Vivi wants a hug

Jon Jon - The Yappy Chihuahu
Who say Messy is not pretty? See pretty clove
The fat mouse oreo - she is dreaming of Food

Cookie: I m so angry wif this guy. He sat at My Mummy Lap for so long. Pls get ur butt off my Mummy. I M NOT HAPPI.

Mummy: My fav beautiful Ben Ben

Jappy: This korkor so much bigger then me. Mummy: Milo is such a calm boy who give in to all the small friends ard. Big cheer to him. Well Done - Milo

Jappy: Does this T-shirt make me look FAT?

Jappy: I M FAT anyway. I dun CARE. HAHA

Jappy signature Silly Look

Last is ME. My Butterfly Look

The Pamper Me being hug by My Daddy

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fur loss


This stupid korkor Jappy keep trying to play bite my ear. U all noe my ear got nice long fringh rite, and this korkor keep pulling off my fur. Mummy said this long fringh ard my ear is suppose to cover up my long muzzles look and now noti KORKOR pull it all off. Mummy said i look so funi wif one ear full of long nice fringh and another ear botak. BOTAK leh.
KORKOR trying to make me ugly. **Dun friend kor kor anymore**


HEHE...i playing wif mei mei. **what fur? what did i do?** hehe wif a big silly smile


My poor mummy is due for a day surgery next week. Mummy going for a laparoscopy where by the doc will cut a small hole ard mummy's tummy and insert a camara and then follow by some laser treatment and inject some med. Mummy will be down wif 5days mc. waho - my mummy will be home for 5days wif us.
But Daddy warn us Not to climb or jump onto Mummy tummy and cannot play rought and cannot be noti that make mummy angry for at least til mummy is feeling better. ahyo so many cannot.
but heard say mummy will be in great pain on the first day ok lah, first day i sure sayang mummy. Next few days shall c how. hehehe


I m good boy. i sayang mummy and no noti. Meimei, noti gal