Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rainbows after the rain


Its been a long while since i last update the blog.

Been on Mc since last friday after a day surgery. Well, i tot i will be able to endure the pain as its a small opt afterall....but i was wrong. There is a 10cents size wound on my belly and another smaller hole on the lower part. Well, both wounds made me in bed for at least the first and 2nd days after the opt. I didnt expect i could nt even move an iche as each move brin pain.

As for my two lovely babies, they seem to understand Mummy is sick. Mayb by the way i walk they could tel i m in pain. I do believe dogs feel how we feel.
For the first and 2nd day, i fall asleep on the bed like a hundred times, and guess what? Each time i open my eyes, i found cookie's face right in front of me. She been keeping watch of me throughout my sleep. Many times, i peep and find this gal dozing off while keeping a watchful eye on me. And she will jeke herself up and continue her watch.
When i rush to the tiolet to vomit, the two babies will be rite there. Although they cant do much, but each time i vomit, i could c the wori and shock look on cookie face. Its reali shows. And i had nv once see her so wori and shock before. The worri look is double the same kind of look when i send her in for her nail cutting. Somehow they keep me strong in a way or rather.
Jappy was not so affected as cookie. Jappy was stil the happy go lucki boy. But he does help too. Whenever i m on the bed and need help. I will call out for Hubby to cum to my aid. But sometime, hubby cant hear me as i m too weak to shout loud. Jappy boy will bark and bark and bark. All the way til my needs is attented too.

Having a dog is such a wonderful experience. They keep me going strong.

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