Monday, September 21, 2009

To Jappy 's Fan

Special Thanks to My greatest dearest friend, Ms A and family.

Ms A and Family helps to take reali good care of Jappy boy when i was away on a bangkok trip. While cookie is at home, taken care by my mum.
That week that i m going is a bad week. Mum predict to be busy in market as it the festive preiod and Jappy need extra care as in peeing and pooing.
Easier for mum to just handle cookie as she does her business right at the pee tray and even if they are busy to replace the pad - the pad could last til i m back as we had 2 big tray at home for her.

Ms A and kind family were great nice people. One who i reali tink can go through thick and thin as a friend with me, hand by hand. Despite noeing all Jappy bad habits, they nv nv once show that they mind. Jappy boy got many many bad habbits. Well, he love to mark certain places. And he wasnt smart enought to noe where he should pee and where not, he make himself wet all the times and he love to clean his wet mouth on the floor, he love the mud and he dun care how dirty his paw is.....etc.......In fact, i m the wan who feel so paiseh cos they are just too nice.

Jappy first nite was horrible. Many of friends, my mum and dad and even myself tinks that Jappy's happy go lucki nature would nv look for Mummy. I even tink that he might be too blur to know that Mummy is not by his side.
He surprised everyone. He cried the whole nite. I believe he must have try to tear down Ms A bedroom door. Although my good friend say ya he scratches the door and wanted to look for mummy....i knew how bad he can gets. He got elephant strenght. (whenever i prepare his food, in order to make me hurry up - Jappy boy will cried....whine....bark. These will go loudly and loudly all the way and sometime even after scolding - he continue its seem as thoug he is too deaf to hear scolding)(not only that he used his elephant strenth to bang our cabinet a hundreds times) So i knew its bad. Thank god, my dear friend is v understanding toward this.

The next few day, Jappy had fun and joy there wif their family dog vivi.

After i m back, now Jappy boy stick to me like a real duber super glue. real bad. Yesterday brin the babies down for a walk and after the walk i tie them up while wanting to help hubby to wash his car. But the moment, i try walk away, Jappy panick and whine and scream. And he keep pulling, i was so afraid he might hurt his own neck. Guess he is afraid i might leave him.

Hubby said " so now u noe - Jappy boy is not a blur blur gong gong! He noes how to look for Mummy and Daddy!"

Ms A and family - if u are reading this: Again the gifts i got is just not enought to express my thanks. Well, keep it my heart... my dear pal.


  1. DoDo:- I fully understand how Jappy feels as an adopted dog. We will glued to the person fearing we will be abandon again. We will cry whole day looking for Daddy&Mummy when fostering . . .

    (T.T) I'm almost tearing again writing this comment . . .

  2. Ya... Cos they experience that horrible feeling of being given up.

    Tinking of it - break people heart hor.