Monday, June 29, 2009

Jappy Boy done his Teeth Scaling


Jappy boy came to us wif a bad set of teeths. Black tar tar, plague and swollen gums. This boy is only below 2yrs old and his teeth are already so bad. The swollen gums make me worri at all times as i noe if left untreated - its may cause gum infection. (Did i say he was only on Predigree all his times before he cum to us)

Through clubs4paw, we get to noe a dentist who can get rid of all these without putting the dog under GA. Was there on sunday and happen to c the work of the dentist. Its amasing reali cant believe it if i wasnt there. He is in control of the dog then and seeing all the tartar and plague being scale off without the dog whinning or putting up any fight. I m convince. Ohya, the dentist even taught me how to mantain the two babies teeth in future. And guess what, even the snappy monster was in his control. There was no bleeding, no pain nor any single whine from both dogs.And he did all these under our eyes.

wOwO - Jappy got a new set of white sparking teeth now.

Too bad, i m too engross in his work that i didnt snap a pics of Jappy boy "before" pics. But i manage to get the two babies's cousin Mr Dale before and after pics for our blogs fans.
Dale’s Adventures

Have you seen Dale playing around the main office of Club4Paws? Doesn’t Dale’s face makes you want to go up to him and give him a hug? That’s how we felt when we first saw Dale but at the same time, we pondered over why would his previous owner neglect and abandon him.
This led to a badly tangled coat, unkempt nails and had lots of plague and tartar on his teeth. That was not it! There were more ulcers at the back of his gums. Dale wondered what has been causing his gums to bleed and hurt. “It’s been a long time since I chewed on toys, why would it hurt?” He wondered.
Until one day, Dale came upon Mel, or known as The Scaling Wizard affectionately (Dale gave him this name)! Mel told Dale about the way he goes about removing ulcers, plague and tartar. There was no general anaesthesia needed. Dale was thinking in his head, “No more injections for me! Yippee!”
After getting the price of his scaling process, Dale excitedly went to his Human and told him the wonderful news. They had Mel to come down to Club4Paws personally so that we, the humans, could see how Mel does it.
Now Dale is relieved from the pain and is smiling from flappy ear to flappy ear because of all the girls checking out his smile.
We hope you do the same for your furkid J

Some benefits of teeth scaling:- Removes plague
- Removes tartar
- Flushes out harmful bacteria
- Improves oral hygiene
- Freshens pet’s breath
- Sparkling white teeth
- Helps prevent diseases

Prices & Charges
Small breed (10kg and below) $100
Medium breed (10-20kg) $120
Large breed (10-30kg) $140
Giant breed (30kg and above) $160
The Left side - Before pic

The Left side - After pic

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Yogurt day

Today is our Yogurt day.
Mummy used to gave us Yogurt 3X a week.
And on days when we are ill and was on bitter med - Mummy will gave us on daily basis til i m well again. Hehe, sometime its good to be ill cos Mummy's yogurt is so yummy.

Our Yogurt consist of not just Yogurt alone. Mummy also added fruits to our Yogurt. Ohya not forgetting our organic bee pollen granule are also added into it. (click here for benefit of bee pollen -

Today - the fruits of the day is stawberry. hehehe....

Cookie and Jappy showing off their Yogurt. hahaha

Monday, June 22, 2009

Where are u - Sweet Potatos?

OH HOHO! I smell of Yum Yum - tink its Sweet Potatos smell. Where are u - POTATOS?

Mummy, Please give me some!
OH! POTATOS in Mummy's Hands.
Is Mummy going to give me some?

Disapointed! POTATOS into Mummy's mouth.

MY POTATOS that went into Mummy's mouth.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The blog that is full of misses


Happen to chance upon this sad blog which was created by the Maltese family owner who first Maltese name baby passed on. I cant help to tears as i read thro the first entry to the last. The whole blog were full of misses toward Baby even after almost a yr plus.
It made me feel so much. I had a feeling that i were be feeling as bad as the owner if cookie or jappy were to leave me.
After reading this blog, i m very determind to give the two babies more hugs instead of tugs. More kisses and love instead of scolding. This blog constantly remind me to treasure e every moments i have now wif them.

Dear friends,
Do visit this blog - i m sure u will feel how i feel. To treasure moments wif our babies now and not when they are no longer ard.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jappy Boy Got Bully


This morning, brought both babies down for a walk. After Jappy 's first pee, we happen to see a white furry maltese name: Apple.
The moment both parties met each other, they spring toward one another. Jappy boy, of course, wif his happi waiging tail greet Apple while Cookie on the other hand, put up her usual defend self. Cookie started to smell Apple and when Apple turn ard to smell her back. Monster start showing her teeth. I was then holding on her muzzles wif a firm No to teach her a lesson.
The next moment i noe, Apple was happily smelling Jappy and Jappy accepted him wif his happy usual pose. Seconds later, Apple
hike his leg and spray his pee right in front of Jappy boy face. It happen so fast and by the time i pull Jappy off - his face are already stain wif pee.
Apple's owner keep saying sorri to me and he started scolding Apple non stop.
Grhhhhhhhh, i wasnt happi at all but since the owner keep saying sori - it cool me down.
And gosh our boy just take it wif a BIG SILLY BLUR SMILE on his face and a forever waiging tail. He didnt even noe he got bully and he took it as if its a game.
Ahyo - Jappy boy is too innocent. Perhaps to him, every thing is a joy. A joy to be spray by pee on his face???


HAHAHAHA! He so silly. Jappy Kor Kor, u so blur wan, dun u noe how to run away frm that dirty smelly water?


Oh! what happen yah? (Blur look again)

New Bed for Jappy


Jappy kor kor got a new bed. He tink he is a big baby sleeping in that baby mattress.
Nah! i m much better then him, i get to sleep much bigger bed then him.


Noti Monster. U still dare to boast ard. U are the wan who caused Mummy to spent on this baby mattress cos u baned Jappy for getting onto the bed. U so noti snap at him when he try to jump up. I m so tired of scolding u til i gave up. Poor Jappy for the first week sleep on the hard floor wif only blanket to keep warm. Cant bear to let him continue like this.
The baby mattress fit so nicely into the corner of the room, beside our bed. So i get to pat him even when i m laying down. And of course, Jappy get to c me when he lay on his mattress. And the best part is it only cost me $19 for this mattress. We brought it frm NTUC Ang Mo Kio Hub. And the cover can be taken out to wash. HAHA feel so worth everybit of my money.

The Silly Bear laying on his bed

E HaPpy mE

Dear fans, look at hw hapi i m nw. No more discomfort loh. Nw i m stil on bitter bitter med,but in return mummy reward me wif yummy plain yogurt leh.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I m well aLReady

Yesterday morning,crazy mummy keep huggin n kissin me as she jump in joy. E reddnes was suddenly clear up in e mornin. Hei,i help mummy save her pocket leh. Mummy,can gave me treats?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Its me-jappy. My mei mei cookie stil nt recover yet so i take over her to say hi to al our fans.
Pls dun 4gt to pray 4 my poor mei mei.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Follow up on Cookie

Cookie's ear still didnt clear up. No improvement as compare wif yesterday - Monday.
Since the steriod stop on Sunday, Monday morning could see slight improvement. But at Monday nite, the patches of reddness did not improved.

This morning, her ear are stil the same as yesterday. And today is already the 4th day liao. Vet say its should be gone by 5th day or soo....but its not like the case. I m getting impatient or rather i m losing my faith on this vet and the med she is taking now.

Been tinking abt this the whole morning:
Our company had two appointed medical clinic which we can chose to go and the fees will be charge direct to the company.
One of which is the famous R*ff*le* clinics where by all neighbourhood should have one while the other is THE MING CLINIC located at camden medical centre.
All of us - staffs knew that the MING CLINIC is a "high class" clinic where by many rich people or ang mo goes there.
And each time we visit, even if we are just down wif a common flu, our bills are not cheap.
I would say its easier cost double of the other clinic. Of course, the med given is also so called "Branded kind". More expensive and effective med. And well, most of us get recover faster when we visited MING CLINIC as compare when we visited the other wan.
There is a different in term of prices and effect.

Back to cookie sickness. This morning, friends ard me starting telling me that mayb i should start to brin cookie for 2nd opn to a 2nd vet since she is not fulli recover yet.
Yes, i tink i should. So i ask ard for advises on vet.
I ask ard two friends both told me to go ARC: one to Dr Eugene as Dr Lye price is high
Another wan suggest i should go Dr Lye.
So i called both clinic up and arrange for a possible appt.
Some how when i called Dr Eugene clinic - no one pick up so next i try Dr Lye.
Assistance were nice and manage to slot me in for this cuming Thurday. I was told the consulation fee only is $80 already.

This Thursday will prob burn a big hole on my pocket but friends i m desperate already.
i reali hope prices reali could make a different in the end result cos i m prepare and willing to pay. Now, all i wish for is for her to be well soon, for the reddness to be gone totali. This allergy is causing cookie to be so moody for so many days already and its breaking me down.

Cookie, pls be well soon. Mummy is feeling so heartpain for the many days already.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Facts about me - CookiEeMonster & JaPpyEpastor


Number 1: I m Mummy's and Daddy's First Beloved.

Number 2: I love to cuddle beside Mummy when i sleep.

Number 3: I hate others dogs to cum near my Mummy and me.

Number 4: I love the dustbins. (especiali when no one is ard)

Number 5: I love the dinning table too. (especiali when no one is ard and best if its just after the human dinning times)

Number 6: I began to learn to bark at strangers even since kor kor Jappy cum. (Must show him i m the leader)

Number 7: I need to hump Ms Piggy every nite before bed time.

Number 8: I kiss Mummy most when she is ANGRY wif me.

Number 9: I m a SNAPPY monster.

Number 10: I dislike the stupid bear Jappy Kor Kor. (why must i call him KOR KOR when he is a silly little bear)

The facts abt Jappy

Number 1: He is once a given up child which is the reason for Mummy and Daddy to dote on him.

Number 2: He is a happi go lucki kid.

Number 3: He make funni noise when he ZZZzzz.

Number 4: His signature pose is: bite on the soft toy and roll on his back wif all his four on the air. (Cookie: i hate him to do this pose, cos he always manage to made Mummy laught in joy)

Number 5: He got the most tiny teeths.

Number 6: He is a easy target to be bully. (Cookie: HAHAHA)

Number 7: He is a jelly or u may called him toufu.

Number 8: He hates no one and nothing.

Number 9: He is happy and contented with anything.

Number 10: He is Mummy's and Daddy's new love.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thank You

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all ur concern and prayers for this gal: Cookie.

I m sure she ll be well soon cos she is a strong gal. Lets continue to cover her in prayers!

Updates on Cookie


Sat - Brought cookie down for recheck again as the ears are still flashing red! Vet confirm her as hyper body reaction toward allergies thus she will take a longer time to heal as compare to others. This also means that i had to be extra careful wif her in future cos once she got any allergy reaction - its gonna be a serious case. Gonna watch out wif treats, and imptly not for her to pick up any unknown stuff off walk.
Right ear got infection due to the swoll and discharge. She was put under antibotic for 10days.
She was also on steriod for two days. I m not so willing to put her on this (Steriod) but seem like i had no other choice as her case was deem serious.

The whole sat - she was restless, grumpy and snappy. As we drove hm, jappy who was sitting beside me - move alittle, cookie get frustrated with him and attack him. Its the first time she attack and reali show sign of want to bite. As u all noe, this monster is a veri snappy wan, but she had nv once reali attack. Most of the times, she just snap to warn off the other party. Thank god i was just right in front to grap her. Even when i manage to grap her and pull her off, she show her teeths and growl like she is going to kill. Jappy was scared off and whining away. Did a search on steriod and found out that it will make one more aggressive and snappy. So we cornor off Jappy frm her and she sleep throu the day and nite.

Sun - She seem bettter. Slight improvement on the ears. Its not flashing red on the whole ears. It turn into patches of reddness. And she is did play alittle wif Jappy. We brought her to fort canning event tinking of not coping her in the house and wanting to let her breath some fresh air. Went there for less than 2hrs and she is so sleepy and grumpy so we brought her back soon. She sleep thro the afternoon. Nite time, she seem better in the mood to hump her "Miss Piggy" which she does every nite before bed except for the past fews nite.
Sunday marked the last day she is on steriod. Although all the other med still continue.

This morning, her ear are much better than yesterday. Still patches of reddness ard but the patches seem smaller already.
Cant wait for it clear up. Also, i miss the old noti up to no good Monster.

Miss her Jumping onto the dinning tables to look for scap of food bits (we had learn to keep away all food frm the table), miss her for taking revenge againest Brother(Brother always threaten to beat her when she cum into his room) and Monster will take revenge in pooing right outside his room when he not ard. And when Bro is home, hahah Monster will run and hide at any corner that she tinks can she can take cover from. Used to scold and nag her for being so noti but now i m missing all these. Miss her old self so much........

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Poor Gal got no EAR


Cookie was down with a bad allergy. She started off vomiting and its stop durning the afternoon. In the evening, she was like back to norm except i started to notice her eye abit swollen. Hubby agree to brin her to vet first thing in the morning. Vet confirm its allergy but the cause is unknown. Brought her back in the afternoon. Hours later, this gal's ear started to swol bady. The whole ear cant even stand. Its flashing red and hot. Hubby brin her along to pick me after work. I was stunned when i saw her. Her body temperature was hot. Ear were red - flash red in colour. I insist we brin her back for review. We waste no time and drove her back.

At the clinic, we jump the que ahead of others. Vet immedicatly gave her two shot. One throug the vein as her case is urgent and another shot throu the skin. The shot throu the vein will take effect fast after 30min and wil last her 6hrs while the next shot throu the skin will take effect 4hrs later which will last her another 6hrs. Vet was tinking of admining her for the nite to monitor as the first 6hrs is very crucial. The first 6 hrs will determin if she had any side effect reaction like panting or rashes or flashing red body. Hubby, me and vet in a long discusion and finali agree we should monitor her at home and to rush her down if any of these reaction occur.
I bet she wont rest well if she were to admin there. Poor gal, was already shivering all the way when we step into the clinic. And her being so attached to me, i m preti sure she be frezze in fear if she ever stay for the nite there.
Since the next 6hrs is impt, hubby and myself stay awake to watch her. We only manage to sleep at 2.30am when we r more assured that she is stable. Frankly, i m very tired but yet i wake up many many times durning the whole nite. Its as though there is an alarm inside me that jek me up each time i fall deep into my wonderland. The whole nite pass throu as if its seem a hundred yr to me.
Now as i m writing this, the time is 10am morning. Her ear are stil red which its not suppose to as what vet commented. If its stil red, we are suppose to brin her back. Called the clinic and ask for advise. Since the ear swol already seem subside alot, we will monitor her further before bringin her back.
*Thanks to Dr Loi and gals at Mt Pleasant**
Dear friends, pls join me in prayers for this gal.

Cookie: I M SICK! SO SICK! :-(

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Its ME! all ME!

Look below - Same side view colour and marking as Belly the JRT

Monday, June 8, 2009

Join Us

Animal Lovers League (ALL) is participating in BENEFUL's "Bark in the Park" event in their aid to help raise awareness and funds for homeless dogs.
Merchandise such as ALL's notebooks, cute dog tee shirts, doggy beds, doggy bags, scented decorative candles, animal postcards featuring our very own Kennel dogs and cats, beautifully hand-painted dog and cat T-shirts / tote bags / cushion covers, mugs, toys, dog figurines as well as other interesting items will be on sale to fund our welfare activities for the dogs and cats in our facility.
This event promises to be a family, picnic like fun-filled day, with much entertainment for one and all, two legged or four and great value goodie bags from the Organiser. Activities on that day include, among many other things, dog tips, tricks and demonstrations from a renowned dog trainer as well as games for owners and dogs alike.

Support our cause by buying our merchandise to help us help the pets in our care.
Come hear that distinct 'Bark in the Park' with the family on the 14th of June 2009 between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm at the Fort Canning Park, Fort Canning Green.
A long awaited picnic with the family it will be. Admission is free and open to everyone.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jappy Boy New Look

Sat were a long day for us.

First, we drop off Jappy to Annie Pet Store @12plus and off we went to Kranji event. Before i left, Jappy was looking at me pitiful as if Why you dump me here? I m sure Annie would take good care of him and i left to help out ALL in rasing funds. The crowd wasnt alot thus sales frm these event not alot but still all the helper enjoyed ourself alot.

The Body Guard T-shirt
Jappy Boy Trying his Body Guard T-Shirt
Here is the T-shirts, ALL is selling which i brought a set for both my gal and boy. The Body Guard T-shirt. This T-shirt suit cookie character alot. Cos she is so sticky to me and protective too. She snap if i sayang other dogs, even toward her own Kor Kor. Thank God for Jappy's wonderful character, Jappy is the world most giving dog i ever seen. He give in to her every bully but of course this make me super dote him more. The evil Cookie. Back to the T-shirt, ALL are selling these T-shirts. It cum in almost all sizes frm 1 to 6. Prices wise are cheap and affortable and most imptly, part of the profit goes to the poor doggies in ALL.
T-shirt frm size 1-3 are going at $11, while size 4-6 going at $14. There are more cute and nice designs. For those who are intersted in these T-shirt, Pls let me noe in the chat box - and i will get back to u. There are other items like doggie Bag and Bed as well. Or u may join us at Beneful event in Fort Canning this cuming sunday 14 June.

After 5hrs later, Jappy is ready to pick up. The moment he saw me, he jump in joy and circle ard me. Annie done a super good job. The many mths of neglected sign of urine, tear stains were all gone. Annie reali took 5long hr to slowly groom him and he bloom. Reali got no idea how she did it but it was a wonderful job. Annie prasie him for being so gentle and soft. In fact, Annie fal in love wif tis boy and she comment that he got the prefect Shih Tzu look. The real Teddy bear look - i guess. She even say if her hands iszit so tight wif so so so many dogs she would sure take over jappy. hahaha - Jappy is taken, he is MINE! hahah, actuali looks to me is a bonus. In the first place, i took him in out of the blue just becos my uncle wanted so much to gave him away. Cookie also not the perfect chihuahua look, she is big muzzle long wasnt consider as a beauty in many's eyes. So long as cookie is clean and healthy, i m sure she bloom from deep within. Like wise for Jappy, i pray that he bloom and maintain this wonderful character for the years to cum.

The "Before"The "After"

This Jappy Kor Kor no longer smelly and wet. hehe, now i dun mind go near him.

Ohya i hate to wear T-shirt. And stupid Mummy get me that Body Guard T-shirt. Oh no she insist for the up coming event, i had to wear to be a model for ALL. And i must go ard showing off my Body Guard T-shirt to attract people. And hopefuli people will ask mummy where she brought this shirt then mummy can brin in sales for ALL. She tink i m a free model! I demand for treats and more treats.

Cookie Mei Mei, what is T-shirt??? (wif his blur blur look at u)