Saturday, June 20, 2009

The blog that is full of misses


Happen to chance upon this sad blog which was created by the Maltese family owner who first Maltese name baby passed on. I cant help to tears as i read thro the first entry to the last. The whole blog were full of misses toward Baby even after almost a yr plus.
It made me feel so much. I had a feeling that i were be feeling as bad as the owner if cookie or jappy were to leave me.
After reading this blog, i m very determind to give the two babies more hugs instead of tugs. More kisses and love instead of scolding. This blog constantly remind me to treasure e every moments i have now wif them.

Dear friends,
Do visit this blog - i m sure u will feel how i feel. To treasure moments wif our babies now and not when they are no longer ard.

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