Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Follow up on Cookie

Cookie's ear still didnt clear up. No improvement as compare wif yesterday - Monday.
Since the steriod stop on Sunday, Monday morning could see slight improvement. But at Monday nite, the patches of reddness did not improved.

This morning, her ear are stil the same as yesterday. And today is already the 4th day liao. Vet say its should be gone by 5th day or soo....but its not like the case. I m getting impatient or rather i m losing my faith on this vet and the med she is taking now.

Been tinking abt this the whole morning:
Our company had two appointed medical clinic which we can chose to go and the fees will be charge direct to the company.
One of which is the famous R*ff*le* clinics where by all neighbourhood should have one while the other is THE MING CLINIC located at camden medical centre.
All of us - staffs knew that the MING CLINIC is a "high class" clinic where by many rich people or ang mo goes there.
And each time we visit, even if we are just down wif a common flu, our bills are not cheap.
I would say its easier cost double of the other clinic. Of course, the med given is also so called "Branded kind". More expensive and effective med. And well, most of us get recover faster when we visited MING CLINIC as compare when we visited the other wan.
There is a different in term of prices and effect.

Back to cookie sickness. This morning, friends ard me starting telling me that mayb i should start to brin cookie for 2nd opn to a 2nd vet since she is not fulli recover yet.
Yes, i tink i should. So i ask ard for advises on vet.
I ask ard two friends both told me to go ARC: one to Dr Eugene as Dr Lye price is high
Another wan suggest i should go Dr Lye.
So i called both clinic up and arrange for a possible appt.
Some how when i called Dr Eugene clinic - no one pick up so next i try Dr Lye.
Assistance were nice and manage to slot me in for this cuming Thurday. I was told the consulation fee only is $80 already.

This Thursday will prob burn a big hole on my pocket but friends i m desperate already.
i reali hope prices reali could make a different in the end result cos i m prepare and willing to pay. Now, all i wish for is for her to be well soon, for the reddness to be gone totali. This allergy is causing cookie to be so moody for so many days already and its breaking me down.

Cookie, pls be well soon. Mummy is feeling so heartpain for the many days already.


  1. Hi Cookie,

    Saw you and ur Jappy Kor Kor at Fort Canning. Get well soon :)


  2. Hi Cobi...

    O i m too sleepy then at the event cos on heavy bitter med, i didnt take note of u. :-(

    Next time, pls cum and smell my Jappy Kor Kor backside k - he is free to smell wan. wahahaha