Monday, June 29, 2009

Jappy Boy done his Teeth Scaling


Jappy boy came to us wif a bad set of teeths. Black tar tar, plague and swollen gums. This boy is only below 2yrs old and his teeth are already so bad. The swollen gums make me worri at all times as i noe if left untreated - its may cause gum infection. (Did i say he was only on Predigree all his times before he cum to us)

Through clubs4paw, we get to noe a dentist who can get rid of all these without putting the dog under GA. Was there on sunday and happen to c the work of the dentist. Its amasing reali cant believe it if i wasnt there. He is in control of the dog then and seeing all the tartar and plague being scale off without the dog whinning or putting up any fight. I m convince. Ohya, the dentist even taught me how to mantain the two babies teeth in future. And guess what, even the snappy monster was in his control. There was no bleeding, no pain nor any single whine from both dogs.And he did all these under our eyes.

wOwO - Jappy got a new set of white sparking teeth now.

Too bad, i m too engross in his work that i didnt snap a pics of Jappy boy "before" pics. But i manage to get the two babies's cousin Mr Dale before and after pics for our blogs fans.
Dale’s Adventures

Have you seen Dale playing around the main office of Club4Paws? Doesn’t Dale’s face makes you want to go up to him and give him a hug? That’s how we felt when we first saw Dale but at the same time, we pondered over why would his previous owner neglect and abandon him.
This led to a badly tangled coat, unkempt nails and had lots of plague and tartar on his teeth. That was not it! There were more ulcers at the back of his gums. Dale wondered what has been causing his gums to bleed and hurt. “It’s been a long time since I chewed on toys, why would it hurt?” He wondered.
Until one day, Dale came upon Mel, or known as The Scaling Wizard affectionately (Dale gave him this name)! Mel told Dale about the way he goes about removing ulcers, plague and tartar. There was no general anaesthesia needed. Dale was thinking in his head, “No more injections for me! Yippee!”
After getting the price of his scaling process, Dale excitedly went to his Human and told him the wonderful news. They had Mel to come down to Club4Paws personally so that we, the humans, could see how Mel does it.
Now Dale is relieved from the pain and is smiling from flappy ear to flappy ear because of all the girls checking out his smile.
We hope you do the same for your furkid J

Some benefits of teeth scaling:- Removes plague
- Removes tartar
- Flushes out harmful bacteria
- Improves oral hygiene
- Freshens pet’s breath
- Sparkling white teeth
- Helps prevent diseases

Prices & Charges
Small breed (10kg and below) $100
Medium breed (10-20kg) $120
Large breed (10-30kg) $140
Giant breed (30kg and above) $160
The Left side - Before pic

The Left side - After pic

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