Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Nah! Nah! Nah! just a few slaps on my beautiful butt wont make me mood the whole time. Cos i m greedy COoKie e MonSter

Anyway, few slaps gain me treats leh. This is my fav treats: Dogwells Vitality Chicken

All-Natural, Cage-Free Chicken Breast
With Functional Benefits
With Flaxseed and Vitamins A & E
With Omega 3's
Great Training Treats
Chicken Breast, Flaxseed, Vitamin E Supplement, Vitamin A Acetate
NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO byproducts, NO corn, NO flour, NO wheat, NO added salt, NO added sugar, NO artificial colors or flavors and NO BHA or BHT.
DO NOT contain melamine or rice protein concentrate; verified this through our independent, third-party FDA approved U.S. laboratory.

This treat is expensive. See link:

Mummy - more treats pls.........

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Am i a good mummy?

Been feeling guilty and lousy after the nite before incident which made me question myself.

Monday nite

After a long tiring work day, i reach hm to find "poo poo" in the middle of the living room. Without checking, the tot of this naughty gal anyhow poo. Angry and i scolded at her. Poor gal hide under the dinning table wif a super guilty look. I grap her out, push her head to the smell the poo, slap her hard at her butt. Not once but a few times. Had to admit i m pretti strict wif her in terms of her potty training as i have a super clean frek dad who wil scold and nag at me whenever she dirty the house. But cookie is a smart good gal, she didnt reali give me much problems on this except when she is having running stomach.

After cleaning up the poo, i sat at the living room. She cum up to me and sat in front of my lap. I knew she kind of hurt by my action but god noe what got into me: i push her away. she cum to me the 2nd time, sat in front of me again - i push her away again. She jump up to kiss me, but i blush off her kiss and i walk off to the room to change.

Its was then i saw and knew the whole picture. I saw another poopoo beside her pee tray. and then i knew she must have try to poo at the tray but becos her butt fur is so long, the poo got struck in between which explain why there are poo beside the tray. And as for the living room - i believe she must have tot she finishes her business, of course not knowing the poo struck there, and it drop off in the living room.

Seeing all these, i quickly went up to her. Kiss her and sayang her. And then i realised her butt got another pcs of poopoo struck in the fur.

Hai my poor gal got beaten when its not her fault. Feel so bad over it. Been v guilty these two day although she seem forgotten over it.

I promiss you(Cookie) this will nv happen again. Hope u noe mummy always love u even when i m angry wif you at times.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My friend - Furry BB e Pom

This is me @ the cafe.

Where is My Friend?

There! This is Fury BB - My Friend

But i dun dare to go down yet...cos BB is overfriendly hehe
Mummy, Pls dun put me down...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Organic Barley Water - I Love you

Mummy feel that i m not drinking enough water. So how much should a dog drinks per day?
Mummy did a research and found out this: amt vary depend on dogs intake of food: kibbles vs can food and activity per day.

For healthy dogs under 20 lbs, their daily water requirement is 1 cup (8oz) per five pounds of its body weight.

Example One. An 8lb adult Shih Tzu whose daily activities consist of one 20-minute slow walk and some light indoor activities, he would need approximately 1½ cup (12oz) of water per day to maintain a proper level of body fluids.

In order to make me drink more water, mummy try boiling barley water for me. Mummy again did some research for days on barley for dogs and she found out that barley is good for us.

Barley reduces cholesterol and has anti-viral as well as anti cancer activity. It also contains potent anti-oxidants including tocotrientols. It is a good source of Vit B9 (Folic acid), potassium, phosphorous and magnesium. Good for bones as it contain iron and calcium and its high in fibre too. Its works on me. Clever mummy let me try the boil barley grain first and make me drool for it. then she add the barley water wif the gain together for me. In order to reach the grain, i must finish off all the barley water before i can taste the yummy barley. hahah i m a greedy pig so of course i finish off everything.

Verdict: Urine not as yellowish as before which is good. hehe...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Mummy love to dump me into the pool and force me to swim.

Look at my grumby face while swimming.
I m not chasing after the ball!

I m trying to get out of the STUPID POOL

Mummy: Thanks to Uncle T and Aunty A for snaping pics on my behalf and make the effort to send to me. Cos i m nv once had any pics of MONSTER swimming in the pool.

CookieeMonster: What so nice about me swimming? I HATE IT! Cant u all c my BLACK face!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My New Conditioner

Mummy brought a new organic conditioner from Aunty Jane pet store - Loving Pet located at east coast road. Aunty Jane told mummy that her grooming services had change to use this range of New Shampoo and Conditioner called Fuzzyard Organic. Aunty J said that this range of product is wel love by her customer and comments were very good.

Mummy cant resist hearing new good products especiali products that help to keep my fur nice nice. So Mummy gave this conditioner a try.

Oatmeal + aloe vera dog conditioner

This is what the conditioner state:
Pamper your dog with this mild and soothing blend of calming oatmeal, aloe vera and sweet almond oil. Containing certified organic extracts, vitamin E and a blend of essential oils.
This conditioner helps your dog to maintain a soft, healthy and natural coat.
To ensure your dog's coat is not stripped of its natural oils, this conditioner is sulphate free, PH balanced and is free of artifical fragances and colour.

After first try: Mummy said that the oatmeal is reali visiable kind. Meaning u can see small little bits of oatmeal in the conditioner. Smell very refreashing. After blowing dry me, fur is super soft, super silky and dun noe why i look whiter than before bath (mayb its just me being dirty) than my usual conditioner(Aloveen). Mummy said she will continue and switch me to this brand.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Mummy learn a new recipe frm Aunty G. Thank you Aunty G for sharing such nice yummy dish with mummy.

It is Ginseng col fish with wolfberry and red dates.

Look at the two big big pcs of fish! Mummy is so selfish. She only gave me small small part of the fish and some pork which she added in to steam together wif the herbs. Mummy added salt/soya sauce to the rest of the fish and keep for Daddy and herself. While mine is without Salt. But added with Seameal vitamin. :-(

But somehow dinner still v tasty to me with the brew pork/fish over the ginseng and red dates, the meat(col fish/pork) taste so much sweeter then usual. hahah i lick the plate till it look super shiny.

Mummy did some reseach on Ginseng for dogs and found out this:

How much experience is there with the use of Ginseng in pets?
As is true with many herbs, Ginseng has been used for many years by practicing herbalists. There are no controlled studies in pets.

What species of animals are being treated regularly with Ginseng?
Ginseng is commonly prescribed to dogs and cats. It may be of particular benefit in the
management of Addison’s disease, congestive heart failure, diabetes mellitus, chronic low
grade hepatitis and perhaps even cognitive dysfunction in dogs and cats. It can be used to
minimize stress in any animal.

How safe is Ginseng?
There are no recognized side effects of Ginseng, but based on
traditional herbal lore, the herb should be used with caution in
animals with:
• Hypertension (high blood pressure)
• Bleeding disorders
• Hyperexcitability
• Acute infections
• High fevers
• Patients treated with insulin

Veterinary advice should be sought when using Ginseng long

Mummy alway try to feed moderate of every kind of meats/veg/herbs on me. hahah its only on good days when mummy is not lazy, mummy got no work then cookie get to eat good food. On normal days - i m on kibbles.

Mummy, Can u not be so lazy???

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Silly Bear and the Tiny Fat Mouse

Yesterday, we went to visit Jappy kor kor and Oreo JieJie. I had great fun there.

I m the youngest in age among them but HAHAHA i m the Super leader. When i run, they follow. When i Jump and fly onto the sofa, they sit on the floor. I love being a hero there. Wahahahha

This tiny fat mouse oreo love to climb onto mummy's lap and ask for sayang. I wont give her any chance to cum near my mummy. I used my beautiful big butt and push her out of the way. Hurray cos i always win. But dun understand why mummy always tel me "Its ok, cookie dun like that!"
I tel all of u - ITS NOT OK, OK? I wont let anyone cum near my mummy especiali U(TINY FAT MOUSE)

Tiny Fat Mouse - On Andy-her owner lap after being pushing away frm my butt.
Her bein carried. She is so lousy always need people to carry her wan!
Look at her stupid smile. She looks just like TINY FAT STUPID MOUSE!

Althoug oreo jie jie looks FAT, looks STUPID (not only looks, she is wan), look LOUSY and LOVE to cum near MUMMY, i still love her for who she is lah cos she is my baby playmate. She is one week older than me. And she came to the "NG" family earlier than me. We used to visit the vet together. And when we had our jab, we used to cried and whine together. We cuddle together on the way home after the vet. So since then, oreo jie jie is not just a jie jie to me, she is my soul mate.

Next is the SILLY Bear bear Jappy. Jappy is a resue dog. His owner dun wan to brin him back to her own country and gave him away. When he first cum, he got long long hair. But it was all matted. so Mummy brin him for a grooming and they shave him down. He dun even noe how to chew on treats. But after few mths, c this is the happy SILLY bear bear - MY JAPPY KOR KOR
Mummy didnt manage to take pics of us playing cos Mummy lousy HP camara so SLOW. Wait til Daddy get his bonus then we will have good camara to take nice movement pics k.

BYE BYE! C you again

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mummy Love My Long Hair

I m flying for a ball - Where is my ball?

New "Chews" for ME

I love to chew on rawhide! Yum Yum Yum!

Mummy is always looking for alternative to replace my rawhide cos mummy worri that rawhide will cos my stomach to feel bloated. Mummy also imagine those rawhides sticking on to my stomach. HAHA my mummy got great imagination hor. Although this worri been clinging on mummy for quite some time, mummy stil did not take away this pleasure of mine. Thank you Mummy!

But mummy been trying many different type of chews for me. Like example: dehydrated chicken wings. I simply love this. And i would whine when i finish the very last bit. But also becos of this dehydrated chicken wings - my poo always seem to have pics of undisgest meat and mummy always had to help me pull out my poo that stuck at my beautiful butt. So this chew is banned liao. :-(

After mths of searching, mummy found this - Sea Jerky Skinny Strap.
So far so good. i love the fishy smell of this chew.

Mummy said that this is the fish version of raw hide! It made of 100% fish skin.

Rather than chew, dogs crunch through these large dental treats that are comfortably held in the paws. The naturally rough texture of Sea Jerky helps to reduce tartar from dogs teeth and are packed full of essential fish oils.

Click on wedsite for more infor.

See this is my new chews. Love you Mummy for this yummy chew.

Animal Lovers League Fundraising Dinner on Tuesday, 5th May, 2009

During this time of financial difficulty, the kennels are hard hit as they may not be the priority on everyone's mind. The need for shelter, medicines and meals, however, still continues for these homeless, rescued, abandoned and abused animals, many with no sponsorship. Animal Lovers League, a non-profit organisation, ( looking after the welfare of these animals therefore has to constantly solicit for funds and appeal to the generosity of animal lovers and well-wishers to perpetuate this noble undertaking of this organisation to better the lives of the animals, giving them a second chance in life.
The funds raised, will essentially go towards the day-to-day operational demands of the shelter, affectionately known as 'Pets Villa'. Merchandise such as notebooks, hand-painted T-shirts, hand made soaps, decorative candles and such will be also available on the day of the event.

Tickets cost $150.00 for a delicious 4 course meal featuring modern Singaporean cuisine at a posh restaurant at Wild Rockets @ Mt. Emily

What better way to support this 'big hearted' kennel and at the same time enjoy a cosy, fabulous meal with your loved ones.
Please contact one of the following contacts to purchase your tickets or if you need more information :
9670 8052 or 9154 6422 or 9838 3820 or email

Thank you for your kind support
Animal Lovers League at Pets Villa
61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dogs for Adoptions

Name: Milo

Age: 2 yrs


Cross Breed

Good Health

Good with people and Kids

Milo is a very special dog who embodies the true spirit of Friendship. Milo caught our attention when we saw him chasing birds and other dogs away so that his timid friend Blackie could eat her kibbles in peace. Acting as a guardian to his friend, Milo watched over her and protected her.

One day, milo was found wif a wire noose tied cruelly to his neck. He carried wif him bruises and bloody jaw marking his struggle to escape his captors. Til this date, he never forgotten the person who rescued him. He is grateful, loyal and faithful and when he see or smell his rescuer, he will whine and howl in delight.

Milo is now up for adoption to a deserving home.

Clink on link for Milo's true life story when he is in the wild

Name: Cara

Age: 1 yrs +

Gender: Female

Cross Breed

Good Health

Good with people and kids

A mummy with 5 puppies. Cara was living in a danger zone where huge truck ply the roads. Within weeks of having her babies, Cara had seen the loss of 2 of her puppies and was doing her very best to keep her family together by foraginf and sharing what meagre food she had with them. When men came to chase her family away with sticks, Cara stood by her puppies and defended them as best as she could. Until today, this sweet gal is still scared of broomstick, or any other kind of sticks. Cara's 3 puppies have been adopted, and it is now her turn.
Could you be the wan to ally her fears and give her a home to called her own?

Click on the link before for Cara's life journey

Stir Fry Scamble Egg wif Beef

This is for my Cayenne Mei Mei. Mummy and me miss you so much. In our dream land, i will "tabao" this for you ok. Please share wif your Orh Orh and Jie Jie and ME!

(DoMo dun need to drool over this - not nice wan i try before. **Half blink eye** hahaha mummy will plan something for both of you. Have to wait, she running out of recipe)

Mini Adoption + My new toy

Last Sunday, mummy went for a mini adoption drive and she came back wif so many different dog smell. Grhhhhh I m so grumpy.....

But Mummy bring out a new Toy for me. Its called Mr Giraffe.

By the way, Mummy is a 2nd Hand Soft Toy collector in her office. Everyone noes mummy take in all kind of soft toy for me. hahaha and many aunties will pass mummy toy cos all their kids had grown up so no more use to them. Mummy refuse to buy any soft toy for me. :-( cos she said i always kill them within hrs. Tel u all - i got a very stingy mummy. But lucki mummy is only stingy towards Toys for me. For the sake of all the exp meat/food/treats/milk/vitamins, i forgive her.

The "BEFORE" Pic of Mr Giraffe
The "After an HR" pic of Mr Giraffe.**see one eye missing**
And last - See my HAPPY face over THE MISSING EYE

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who is the Ghost?

Yesterday, Its Good Friday! Meaning Daddy and Mummy dun need to go work. Ahho! Its my Day then. Early Morning, Mummy wake up at 6pm and went to grandma 's market to help out. After half a day there, mummy cum home and start packing my towel, my bathrop, my water bottle...and some treats. And off we went to Club4paws.

Mummy said swimming is very good for dogs to keep fit. As she had read somewhere that 30min of swim is equal to a dog going for 10km walk. And to mummy, she love to dump me into the pool to make me swim wif no choice. To her - its a good form of keeping fit. And To me - its HORRIBLE. I hate to get my coat wet, I hate the pool and I hate the dogs there. I never love to mix ard, cos i dun like big big head smelling my butt.

HAHAHA! God reali love monster so much cos by the time we reach there, the sky start pouring. Nasty mummy still insist to let me swim (Under the rain ok) But Daddy always save me out of trouble. Love my Daddy so much cos he alway help me get out of Mummy nasty plan! *Daddy i Love you!*

Mummy still did not wan to give out the idea of dumping me into the pool. So we went to the Cafe to wait for the sky to turn better.

The moment we step into the cafe, i was greet by a big golden GR. This GR cum rite to me and smell my butt. I said before - I hate them to smell my butt. So i quicky turn ard and make a big loud furious bark and i snap rite at his face.Wahahha I pretend to be fierce wan to scare him off. And i did scare him off. but in return my butt got a slap frm Mummy. Why cant mummy understand i m not human ok - i cant control my feeling like human. Mummy forever cant understand this. Dun friend her for today.

I was happily sitting my mummy lap while they had their drinks and small bites. I was always on the look out for small bites that drop out of mummy mouth.

Then, the GR happen to walk pass mummy wif his waigging tail and mummy whister out to him. This mummy always love to sayang other dogs. She cant keep her hands off wan. And Happy GR turn and run toward mummy.

The moment GR cum near Mummy. He saw me. And u noe what happen next? GR got a big shock - Eye big big, all his fur stand and he jump back. Its as though he had just seen a ghost. And he run off fast wif tail lock below. Didnt even turn back to peep at me. Mummy, Daddy and friends were all laughing their heads off. A big GR saw a ghost. He reali appear as if he seen a ghost wif his eye almost pop out.

And the stupid ghost is ME Lah - COOKIE E MONSTER

Friday, April 10, 2009

My beloved Bloster

This is my darling Bloster. Bloster got a name too. She is called Miss Piggy. Without Miss piggy, everynite would seem empty for me. See my Miss piggy. She does look cute right?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


At abt 6plus pm, mummy is so busy in the kitchen. Wonder what she is up too. I could smell nice nice pork meat,chicken.....yum yum. Mummy - Are you preparing for me?

Mummy: Yes MONSTER. Its your dinner!
Dinner for tonite is - Boil Boneless Pork Leg, Boil Chicken Breast, Cabbage, Red Dates, Wolfberry, Rice and Seameal vitamins.

Should have cook brown rice for you instead but mummy noe you hate brown rice, so given in to you since most of the times you v v guai when mummy got no time to cook and just gave u kibbles - you always finish whatever given.

To all my pawfriend: envy me bah - hahaha

** heheh Cum my house and visit me - mummy said she will cook something even nicer for you, must share wif me k**

Mummy off day

Wow hahaha, today mummy didnt go work. Lazy mummy laze at home almost the whole day. Mummy was either surfing net or watching Tv or Sleeping. But i m happy enough cos she is beside me all the time. (i was the one who follow her all ard the house)
See my happy pic taken today while mummy surfing net.
And another silly funni pic of me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Animals Lover League

Dear animal lovers,

We are very excited to announce that Rein Biotech Services Pte Ltd will be sponsoring us the same item for every item you purchase from them.

For example, if you purchase 2 x 15kg bags of dog food from them, they will deliver 4 x 15kg bags of dog food to Animal Lovers League as well.

Please kindly make your contribution(s) via the following form on their site.

Animal Lovers’ League (ALL) is a not-for-profit animal shelter registered under the Registrar of Societies. Its 600-something wards include abandoned, injured or rescued dogs and cats.

This shelter, like most animal shelters, is in dire need of funds to provide the animals under their care with fundamentals needs like food and lodging. In addition, funds are also required for sterilisation and medical care

A big THANK YOU on behalf of all the animals from Animals Lovers League.

Source from :

Uncle M and Uncle D and aunty C run the whole shelters with some helper cumming in over he weekends. Both 3 of them devote all their times to the dog in the shelters.

Mummy remember Uncle M and Uncle D was once invited to a chalet party and both of them cum v late. After feeding all the dogs in the shelter, they cum down to join mummy and friends for a short makan session. (Mummy didnt brin me along, she said i wil be running everywhere that she cant enjoy herself then - See another ill treatment, :-(

Both uncles only stay for a short while cos their mind were all wif the dogs in the shelters. Both uncles said that they need to rush back to feed medication, clean wound, give treatments before all the sick dogs sleep throu the nite. They had a rush dinner and went off.

Both uncles always skip their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bet no one ever seen them eat in a big big lux cafe. Mummy tinks they rather stay in the shelter cook mee and be wif the dogs.

They were both wonderful people who spend their everything to the dogs.

Each single dog in the shelther have a sad story of their past. Some were badly abuse, sick, burn. Mummy said she will help to get pics of them soon for me.

So here am i calling for people to help them, help the dogs...give each one of them a better meal.

Monday, April 6, 2009

i m a MICKY MOUSE when i was 5mths old


Mummy's friends

Ever since we shifted to Sengkang, mummy have a new group of friends. Mummy said they are her v close friends becos they share the same passion as mummy. **hahaha Mummy's friends passion for helping dogs is even much greater than my lasy bum mummy**

Mrs A is a gifted women. A lady who is granted by God the power to write v well. She have the power to write v nice, fluent story of all the dogs that cross her life. And most impt, she have a v big heart for all these animals. She feels how they feels. She is the voices of all those dogs that cries for help. Mrs A is a working mummy wif two children. A very busy women but all her time are always v well spent. You will find her writing storys for dogs that need her. You will see her feeding in the wild - even if she have to climb up slippery slope, She is ever ready to do wonders things even if she may be hurt in the process but mummy said she will do it so long it benefits the dogs. She is a PR person in the group and she uses this skill to help many many dogs to find homes.
The efforts she put in really deserve a kiss frm me. hahaha mucks and many licks to Mrs A.

Mr T is a very manly man. He is not only cool - He is very hardworking man. He is ever ready to run up and down wif many appts pack up in his shedules. And he does all this for the dogs. You will see him, driving big big dogs to vet, to people's house for viewing, for events even if its picking up doggy stuf. He never once complain tired unlike my Daddy. Ops by the way - Daddy is another lazy Bum. Mr T does all these without even a single words. He did it for the love he have for dogs.
No kiss or licks for Uncle T cos he is return i gave him big big clap ok.

Next is Jiejie J. Jie Jie is Mrs A and Mr T daughter. Jie Jie adore me alot alot. At first when i see her, i always snap at her. Becos i dun recognise her smell at all. But this did not turn Jie Jie away frm me. Jie Jie love me for who i m - COOKIE THE MONSTER. Slowly bit by bit, i became more at ease wif Jie Jie. And jie jie always love to hug me, even when many other dogs ard....Jie Jie is attached to me. She make me feel and looks like a princess. haha Jie Jie reali noe how to take care of dogs.
Big Big hug to Jie Jie.

Last is Ms B. She is a v v v kind preti lady. She is ever so ready to give. She always shower dogs wif treats. Mummy said Ms b love all kind of dogs. The most unglam...dirty, smelly, skinny wans would melt her heart...thats her soft spot. **God can make me unglam...dirty, smelly, skinny so i can have treats frm aunty B's hands.hahaha**** Aunty B always faithful prepares foods for these dogs. She would even add vitamin to the foods so that all these skinny dogs will built up their health wif it. So many people ard dun like what she is doing but her love for them is so great that even being look down, point at, make fun - she will continue to give, she will give all she can, she will gave till the day she cant.
I will send my love and prayer to her while she give.

Mummy said that all these friends make her life v v fruitful. For its through them, that mummy learn how to love, give and sacrific. And all these friends any expect any praise or gifts or anything in return for the works they have done.
But to mummy, she feels they are reali nice person that need to be praise and be pat on. Mummy said if she can she would tel the whole world how great they are cos they reali are. **Bet they'll be super duber shy if they ever noe i blog abt them. hahaha but after hearing mummy about them, i always feel proud for mummy to have such nice people ard her.**

Keep up the good works guys: COOKIE E MONSTER looking forwards to hear more abt u.

My mummy and me

Photo taken on my 1st birthday. Only oreo jiejie is invited cos mummy so lazy nv plan anything for me. Lazy bum! so angry wif mummy - dun she noe i will have presents like yummy treats frm aunty and uncle who adore me. Anyone can gave me belated presents? hehe keep for me till my next birthday ok - dun gave me now if not mummy would noe i m complaining abt her here.