Wednesday, April 8, 2009


At abt 6plus pm, mummy is so busy in the kitchen. Wonder what she is up too. I could smell nice nice pork meat,chicken.....yum yum. Mummy - Are you preparing for me?

Mummy: Yes MONSTER. Its your dinner!
Dinner for tonite is - Boil Boneless Pork Leg, Boil Chicken Breast, Cabbage, Red Dates, Wolfberry, Rice and Seameal vitamins.

Should have cook brown rice for you instead but mummy noe you hate brown rice, so given in to you since most of the times you v v guai when mummy got no time to cook and just gave u kibbles - you always finish whatever given.

To all my pawfriend: envy me bah - hahaha

** heheh Cum my house and visit me - mummy said she will cook something even nicer for you, must share wif me k**

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