Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mummy 2nd love

I m so Sad. Mummy got her 2nd love - Blackie.

Blackie was a Stray since Day One, living in the wild. Where she hung out with her sister - born in a drain and left behind as their mother was caught and put down. Blackie and sister - both all alone, looking out for each other and always looking for food, rummaging thro rubbish heaps and overturning dustbins. Blackie was a v fearful dog. Her sis - being the more friendly wan was caught and her fate ended just like their mother. From then on, Blackie was all alone.

Blackie is always on the run. even when mummy's friends who is Blackie's feeder brin Blackie food. She would eat while turning her head left and right. She is alway on the watch out for danger. Mummy said Blackie must have seen the horrible sight of her sister being caught and yet she cant do anything. Blackie could only be on the look out and run for her life if needed. So every feeding session - to Blackie is to eat, fill up tummy and run.

Cum to tink of it, Being Blackie is so tiring. Bet Blackie never ever had a chance like me - happily peaceful nap at home.

More story of Blackie can be found here -

mmm Since Blackie is in such a bad enviroment without any love....ok - i will give my consent for mummy to place blackie in her heart as the 2nd love. ITS 2ND PLACE OK NOT FIRST YAH! FIRST PLACE BELONG TO ME-COOKIE THE MONSTER.

**mummy - can give me more treats....hehhe see cookie is sharing my love wif Blackie.**

So hard to earn treats frm mummy's hands...

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