Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My New Conditioner

Mummy brought a new organic conditioner from Aunty Jane pet store - Loving Pet located at east coast road. Aunty Jane told mummy that her grooming services had change to use this range of New Shampoo and Conditioner called Fuzzyard Organic. Aunty J said that this range of product is wel love by her customer and comments were very good.

Mummy cant resist hearing new good products especiali products that help to keep my fur nice nice. So Mummy gave this conditioner a try.

Oatmeal + aloe vera dog conditioner

This is what the conditioner state:
Pamper your dog with this mild and soothing blend of calming oatmeal, aloe vera and sweet almond oil. Containing certified organic extracts, vitamin E and a blend of essential oils.
This conditioner helps your dog to maintain a soft, healthy and natural coat.
To ensure your dog's coat is not stripped of its natural oils, this conditioner is sulphate free, PH balanced and is free of artifical fragances and colour.

After first try: Mummy said that the oatmeal is reali visiable kind. Meaning u can see small little bits of oatmeal in the conditioner. Smell very refreashing. After blowing dry me, fur is super soft, super silky and dun noe why i look whiter than before bath (mayb its just me being dirty) than my usual conditioner(Aloveen). Mummy said she will continue and switch me to this brand.


  1. Cookie damn good life! I think I wanna be a dog in my next life. lol

  2. hahah be born as momo look alike and i will go snatch u lol