Friday, April 17, 2009

New "Chews" for ME

I love to chew on rawhide! Yum Yum Yum!

Mummy is always looking for alternative to replace my rawhide cos mummy worri that rawhide will cos my stomach to feel bloated. Mummy also imagine those rawhides sticking on to my stomach. HAHA my mummy got great imagination hor. Although this worri been clinging on mummy for quite some time, mummy stil did not take away this pleasure of mine. Thank you Mummy!

But mummy been trying many different type of chews for me. Like example: dehydrated chicken wings. I simply love this. And i would whine when i finish the very last bit. But also becos of this dehydrated chicken wings - my poo always seem to have pics of undisgest meat and mummy always had to help me pull out my poo that stuck at my beautiful butt. So this chew is banned liao. :-(

After mths of searching, mummy found this - Sea Jerky Skinny Strap.
So far so good. i love the fishy smell of this chew.

Mummy said that this is the fish version of raw hide! It made of 100% fish skin.

Rather than chew, dogs crunch through these large dental treats that are comfortably held in the paws. The naturally rough texture of Sea Jerky helps to reduce tartar from dogs teeth and are packed full of essential fish oils.

Click on wedsite for more infor.

See this is my new chews. Love you Mummy for this yummy chew.

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