Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dogs for Adoptions

Name: Milo

Age: 2 yrs


Cross Breed

Good Health

Good with people and Kids

Milo is a very special dog who embodies the true spirit of Friendship. Milo caught our attention when we saw him chasing birds and other dogs away so that his timid friend Blackie could eat her kibbles in peace. Acting as a guardian to his friend, Milo watched over her and protected her.

One day, milo was found wif a wire noose tied cruelly to his neck. He carried wif him bruises and bloody jaw marking his struggle to escape his captors. Til this date, he never forgotten the person who rescued him. He is grateful, loyal and faithful and when he see or smell his rescuer, he will whine and howl in delight.

Milo is now up for adoption to a deserving home.

Clink on link for Milo's true life story when he is in the wild

Name: Cara

Age: 1 yrs +

Gender: Female

Cross Breed

Good Health

Good with people and kids

A mummy with 5 puppies. Cara was living in a danger zone where huge truck ply the roads. Within weeks of having her babies, Cara had seen the loss of 2 of her puppies and was doing her very best to keep her family together by foraginf and sharing what meagre food she had with them. When men came to chase her family away with sticks, Cara stood by her puppies and defended them as best as she could. Until today, this sweet gal is still scared of broomstick, or any other kind of sticks. Cara's 3 puppies have been adopted, and it is now her turn.
Could you be the wan to ally her fears and give her a home to called her own?

Click on the link before for Cara's life journey

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