Monday, May 3, 2010



Have not been blogging for mths. Wel MUMMY having EXAM mah. hehehe

Daddy asked me last few days: "Dar, u reali desperate in selling those items off our babies blog iszit? (See my previous posting on sale of items) You no money ya? or u wan to buy new items desperate so trying to get rid of those product to earn some $?

Hahaa...i was shocked to hear this. cos to me, selling off those were nv a great deal to me. Its like can sell then sell lor, cant sell just keep it til i find better use lor. So i ask Daddy what make him tink tis way.

Daddy answer me which in return make my day. He said - Everyday, i go in to see our babies blog for updates, but forever no updates and alway show me on the page on those items for sale. So Daddy tot i wan to place the adv there til some one purchase it.

Wow, our cool daddy does read our blogs daily. Daddy nv once show interest when i was doing up the blog nor when i was busy writing n cracking my mind on what to write.

Cool Daddy yah!


Cookie gal is stil the same. ohya, she is better in term of her health. Remember many mths ago, she was continous sick. One illness after another. I had to pump her wif supplements. And well its been almost 6-9mths liao. I realised she is fitter now. Apart from her hand rashes which is on and off...this gal is on the better track already.

Stil the noti cookie monster as she always been.

Just this very morning, i caught her standing on the dustbin wif almost half of her body inside the dustbin. My mum forget abt our house got a monster that would pick up rubbish esp food, food wrapper....and mum dump a "Big bao" into the dustbin. Usuali we would not throw food into that particular dustbin, cos its REACHABLE for MONSTER COOKIE.

WEll, she was enjoyin her big bao wif her tail waigging from behind. I was just rite behind! Her tail reali go Left and Rite Left and Rite Left and Rite.....til i scream What are you doing. She jump up and run off to hide under the table.

Dad alway say i nv fed her enough cos she is like almost everytime looking out for leftover food, food that drop from heaven......and dad alway tink she is skinny due to her slim chihuahua hand and leg.


Jappy boy not doing well due to the weather. For the past two weeks that have been raining, everyday i m greet by pile of wet poo poo and urine all over the house and Jappy boy would great me wif his happiest smile and waigging tail together wif his badly stain body wif poo n pee.

How can i beat him rite? Its due to the rain and thunder and being alone when he was scare, he goes into panick mode and start to pee n poo everywhere wif no sense of direction. And by the time i got home, all damage was done, the floor is stainned n my poor boy also stainned.

Lucki for the past few days, there was any rain.

Mum and Dad had became so worried that each time it rain, they will think of this poor boy. And they will try their best to rush home if they can. Dad to the extend allow him into their room. Well, Dogs are not allow into his room. Jappy boy got excuse to be there when its rain. See, how much he had touch dad heart! Did i mention, i ever found him, so scare of the rain, that he hide in the toilet and he push the dustbin out to cover him and he hide behind it. I reali got no idea hw he manage to do it. He is big and that area where we place the dustbin is quite fact the dustbin already take up the whole space already.

Guess when u are scare, you are able to do the impossible.

Reali pray that every time when the thunder roar, i m able to be there for tis boy.