Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mei Mei and Mitao Birthday Party

We are honor to be invited to Mei Mei and Mitao Birthday Parti at K9.
Picture of joys for sharing.

The Birthday Gals
Button - The sheep lookalikeLet u see my fat short tongue
(Mummy - but i find it cute)
I love tummy rubs

i m princess bellaWhere is my mummy?
Why no food for me?
I m tin tin
I m mei mei

Dou Boy - Mummy fav chubby godson

I m the snoopy boy
Godma and meWhen is food cuming?
Cookie - The food stealer

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jappy 's greatest fear


This had been happening ever since the veri first trip on car rides Jappy had with us. Whenever we are on the car, and when the car start to detour back (example - detour back into a carpark lot or detour backward to make a u-turn)....Jappy would go into panick mode. He would scream, whine, jump, struggle and even bark at his loudest voice without stopping even to breath, to get out of the car. Even wif me sitting beside him, he totali lost control of everything. Even when i try hugging him tight, he will use all his elephant strength to break free. I had nv seem him like tis before. For the first fews months, we keep thinking its because he too excited cant wait to get down when we reach a location. But tis continue and its became so clear to us - that perphas it much more then that. One of my friend yesterday witness how mad this boy became when we reach our location abt to get down. Even my friend who is not a dog owner sense that perphas he was abuse in a car before like being lock there for long hours - cant get out etc.

Thinking of what she said, ya i do tink it make sense. Mayb he frank out the moment we reach our location, too afraid of being left behind, alone in the car with no help....just as how he ever felt before.

I have not cum out wif any good ways to calm him down. I tried hugging him, carrying him - all no use. He just wan to get out. mmm any better ideas? Now, we had restored to quickly get the car park and grap him tight and faster open the door. But the trouble is the moment he sense e car going into detour mode, he start his action. Not even a seconds later, he seem to catch that detour mode timming so right. Its heartbreaking each time he behave like that.

Even Monster cookie seem to noe his fear. Monster cookie at tis time would not move or fight to get down the car first nor to be carry first. Cookie would alway give in to him, let him get out first. Nv even bark or snap at him. Friends who noe cookie will noe that tis monster would bark or snap at other dogs whenever she dislike what that dog is doing...But alway at tis time, she would remain at the back, shock of jappy action.

My greatest wish is for Jappy to know He no longer have to be afraid, afraid of no food, afraid of being left alone, afraid of being dump.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Late Posting on Last Sun


Last sun, we went to my godson house. Firstly to visit my godson, collect our dehyrated treats and also to see cookie, jappy, dou dou new addition young mei mei - DouNut.

I m very surpriesed over cookie super good warm behaviour. She appoarch their family and dou dou owner's god daugther for sayang. She even try to kiss her. Very not her monster style. That day - she was super guai except when she scold dou dou for smelling our bags. She was on the guard for who ever cum near the bag. hahaha - she protecting our belonging lah. but dou dou is consider part of our small family mah - take time for her to noe dou dou is her half kor kor too like her Jappy kor kor bah.

Dou Dou my godson so cute that day. He bow down and ask for play wif Jappy boy so so so many times. He even bend down, waig his tail, bark and ask Jappy boy to play and chase him then he run off. But Jappy boy just stund - dun noe how to react. Dou Boy so cute - turn back and "hei why no chase me kind of look on him" and he run back to Jappy boy and did the same action again and again. Many times but no reply. Poor darling dou. He must be wondering why Jappy dun wan to play wif him. hehhee - me and dou's mummy know that its becoz Jappy boy got no childhood thus he does not know how he should react. Dou boy so patient wif him, nv even lost his temper at all....but eventuali he give up lah. Lets hope in future - they will play like real brothers. Perphas Jappy need more time to open up in this area.

Pictures may be view at dou dou 's blog : http://www.princess-elaine-elaine.blogspot.com/

Jappy Boy:

God ma gave me a nice cystal collar. Hehehe cookie mei mei dun have. Mummy promiss will take a pic of my nice lovely collar to show all my friend so stay tune for my collar pics.


Who say i got no nice collar? Mummy brought one the same collar liao. Mine is pink colour. Nah! Nah! Nah! Stay tune for my collar pics too.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sat - First dog therapy session


As most of you now, last weekend was Jappy boy first therapy session. Well, we had a christmas celebration wit those old needy one at the nursing home. Jappy Boy was pass ard, hugs and hugs and many hugs from all of them. Til at one point, he almost doze off at an uncle 's arm. Hahaha.
He seem to noe he is there to work, to brin comfort. As i carry him into their arms(most of them on wheelchair) - Jappy boy dont even dare to move an inch nor stranggle to let go. He behave and stay stil with all his kind effort.

The only time Jappy boy cries is when i went to the toilet and ask one of my friend whose dog is also in the session, to help me look after him. When i was walking back - i could my friend kept on telling Jappy - Mummy go tiolet - Mummy cuming back. Hahaha My friend told me he went into Panick mode when i leave. And he dash left and right, try to break free to ran after me.
Oh oh - my sweet boy hor.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I smell of food
M bored
Fatty in the pool

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moments to share

Got Food !See i m so tall
See what?

Its Me - Cookie
Hug me pleaseI m Keying at the treats in ur hand

Tink Pretti

Monday, November 30, 2009

Special gift from a Special One


I recieved this veri special hand painting of our Jappy boy from one of my friend, Aunty C. Its something that reali touch my heart. This is not just a painting but its a painting of love for my Jappy boy. **Thank you veri much**

On our previous post, gues you all awear that Jappy boy is going throug his dog therapy Temperament test on last sunday rite. Good news is Jappy boy passed his test already. He is all ready to be a usefull helpfull therapy dog soon. Jappy's Godma and myself and Daddy and Grandma all so proud of him. Tester commented that this boy got all the best in him and that he pass to be one. Will never forget this comment.

Jappy boy - Mummy so proud of u. Well done! You have cum so far my darling boy!


What so big deal? Kor Kor Jappy u have to be there and let people touch here and there leh - i then dun want. (Sticking out her tongue)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Jappy boy - aft groomin

Mummy said i m goin 4 dog therapy temperment test 2molo so muz look clean clean n neat neat. Hoho mei mei cookie say i look like a big fat santa clause. Haha

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks to all CookiE's Fans


Thanks you for all the wishes and prayer for our little cookie gal. She is recovering slowly after her 2hrs on drip last friday at Mt Pleasant due to her high fever. Seriously, her high fever shock me and Daddy. We didnt even noe that she is running such high temperature. In fact, Daddy brought her in cos she cant control her poopoo. Kept on running tummy - super wet stool and becos she reject her food. I was still thinking perphas we could self medicate? It was at the clinic when the vet take her temperature that shock us. mmm a lesson learn for us, frankly me and Daddy do not keep a thermometer at home and we didnt even have the habit of taking temperature for our babies when they show sign of sickness. I reali cant imagine what would happen if Daddy didnt brin her in that day - we could have delay in treating her. Thank God for being with us all these while, for guiding Daddy to send her in to vet.

Right now, cookie is recovering slowly (Bactrical infection that cos her high fever and running stools). As in, her temperature is at e normal range. On and off when we are late in giving her med - her temperature would rise alittle close to having slight fever, but still overall she is doing v well. I would say so cos i noe cookie's immunity is weak thus she might take a longer time. Vet advise us to be v v careful wif her intake of foods, treats and even water. We were told not to even share water bowl wif other dogs. Wel, i guess i just have to learn to take extra care. **friends, pls do help me if i m out wif anyone of u - pls help by not giving this gal treats, food etc**in return pls do sayang her extra for the pain she gone throug. :-)

Thanks to all! Cookie promiss to recover soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cookie was sick

Havent nt been bloggin 4 sum time already as these few wks we were v super busy as our poor little have been continuously sick,one illnes aft another. We r in n out of vet almost every other wk. Wif her skin irradiation followin a high fever n 'lao sai wif blood',she reali scare us al,made daddy n me so wori,takin her temperature again n again,makin sure she drink n start eatin. E past weeks i reali had no time 4 jappy. Grh feel bad to neglect jappy but sicky cookie is v sticky,v cranky n she is so clingin to me esp this period. Cant wait 4 al to b well

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When he is at club4paw

This is how dirty jappy boy is,everytime we went club4paw. He wil run around like a mad dog even when he is e one n only dog there. Can u imgaine a mad dog runin al over at high speed alone. Haha dat jappy boy.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lazy Weekend


Sat, we are suppose to brin Jappy boy for his health check and to obtain a health certicated from the vet that show that he is in his pink of health and fit. In order to join the dog therapy group and to became one, he need to be fit with no illness. But sat, i was down with a bad cramp - would nt walk much too much pain. So burn our sat staying at home.

As i was too in pain, Daddy had to do the job in bathing the babies. Cookie have to had her bath first as she already hasnt bath for two weeks. Daddy is confirm more rought in handling the two of them....immedicately after bath, cookie run to me and sat on my lap with her pitiful eyes. When daddy cum near us, the more she cuddle in to me. Hahaha, but she does smell heaven despite the rought handling. ***Daddy, didnt brin in any pail to bath the kids and i tink he must have use the spray on them which i noe they hate it.*** hahaha this daddy ya, but good enought that he is helping me loh - so each time he bath them, i have decided not to peek in nor to even look at what he is doing.

Jappy boy had his bath on sunday. Ya, Daddy do the job too. Till the ending part, i heard Jappy boy screaming and banding againest the tiolet door. He must had enought of Daddy. hahaha...
But i control and didnt went in to rescue him thoug. Daddy said he is jumping and scream and banding as if he trying to ask for HELP - LET ME GO.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When oreo is juz a puppy

This pic is speciali dedicted to bec who have a special love 4 oreo-my cousin chihuahua. Oreo is cookie puppyhood playmate til nw. E wan and only dog dat plays so wel wif monster.

My handsome Godson

Another "chao" face, shortie cum act cute act puppy fellow that trying to snatch my Mummy. Give me ur Treat - i m part time friend wif u. "Nah"
Dou Dou my friend, my brother leh. Cookie mei mei - noti. Dun care her.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dog Therapy session


Dear friends, i have puck up enough courage and determination to sign up Jappy boy as a therapy dog. Jappy yet to pass the temperament test that is shedule on the 29nov. Lets hope he pass to became one.

However, last sat, we went to visit one of their visit to the Bishan Home for the intellectually disable. Hubby and me went together. And i must say its reali an eye opening for us. You noe, we always heard of these needy people ard but we had nv once step into their life. And by seeing reali made us feel for these people. We cum to the conculsion that this is something we wish to do. Actuali after grandma death, i hope i could do something for more old folk as i regret that when my grandma was ard....i nv give her alot. i m alway busy wif something...til the time i noe she is down wif cancer and only then its too late for me to make time for her. So since god make me well and good, and wif Jappy mayb i could do someting meaningful.

Let prays for our Jappy boy.

Ohya weather been turning cold these few days. And my boy were so scare of thunder. And each time thunder came, he go into panick mood...dash here and there and hiding at places u wont tink he be there. I once got him inside my cupboard - dun ask me how he get in there...he reali sque into my pile of cloths...covering himself wif my cloths for protection bah. Over the weekend, i caught him hiding in the concern of our common tiolet.He curl up and was shivering. And oh ya he got himself all wet.
Let hope whenever the thunder is cuming, i m at home...comforting him bah.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daddy wksite strays

These r e few strays in daddy wksite dat we r feedin. Wanna thanks certain people like h,h'contact m,reb,a,t...u noe who u r.thanks 4 makin e steralisatn proces possible 4 us. Hai,daddy been busy n sick past sats dat our catchin was delay but i promis i wil nt give up.
wksite pups r growin fast,cumin out 4 food n runnin ard already. Pls pray 4 their safety.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Reali miss Monster puppyhood

Look at e way she sleep. N c her fat tummy.she had a gd meal n then fal aslep fast aft dat. Monster dreamin of food.hehe

Can u spot monster?

I m in e common tiolet doin busines n dis monsteR insist dat she muz watch over me At All Times. See,she use her nose to puSh open e dooR as it nt close tighty. Can u al spot dat little nose of my monster cookie?