Friday, December 18, 2009

Jappy 's greatest fear


This had been happening ever since the veri first trip on car rides Jappy had with us. Whenever we are on the car, and when the car start to detour back (example - detour back into a carpark lot or detour backward to make a u-turn)....Jappy would go into panick mode. He would scream, whine, jump, struggle and even bark at his loudest voice without stopping even to breath, to get out of the car. Even wif me sitting beside him, he totali lost control of everything. Even when i try hugging him tight, he will use all his elephant strength to break free. I had nv seem him like tis before. For the first fews months, we keep thinking its because he too excited cant wait to get down when we reach a location. But tis continue and its became so clear to us - that perphas it much more then that. One of my friend yesterday witness how mad this boy became when we reach our location abt to get down. Even my friend who is not a dog owner sense that perphas he was abuse in a car before like being lock there for long hours - cant get out etc.

Thinking of what she said, ya i do tink it make sense. Mayb he frank out the moment we reach our location, too afraid of being left behind, alone in the car with no help....just as how he ever felt before.

I have not cum out wif any good ways to calm him down. I tried hugging him, carrying him - all no use. He just wan to get out. mmm any better ideas? Now, we had restored to quickly get the car park and grap him tight and faster open the door. But the trouble is the moment he sense e car going into detour mode, he start his action. Not even a seconds later, he seem to catch that detour mode timming so right. Its heartbreaking each time he behave like that.

Even Monster cookie seem to noe his fear. Monster cookie at tis time would not move or fight to get down the car first nor to be carry first. Cookie would alway give in to him, let him get out first. Nv even bark or snap at him. Friends who noe cookie will noe that tis monster would bark or snap at other dogs whenever she dislike what that dog is doing...But alway at tis time, she would remain at the back, shock of jappy action.

My greatest wish is for Jappy to know He no longer have to be afraid, afraid of no food, afraid of being left alone, afraid of being dump.


  1. Sad to say......some dogs which are adopted will have some behavior problem to a certain boy also have such problem.....every time his daddy change to reverse gear, he will start to whine.

    Hopefully all these adopted dogs under the care and love from their new family will slowly get over all their behavior problems :)

    Cobi Mummy

  2. Yes Cobi Ma,
    Only love can get them over! Thanks for always keep in touch of us our blog!

    Cookie and Jappy Ma