Monday, December 14, 2009

Sat - First dog therapy session


As most of you now, last weekend was Jappy boy first therapy session. Well, we had a christmas celebration wit those old needy one at the nursing home. Jappy Boy was pass ard, hugs and hugs and many hugs from all of them. Til at one point, he almost doze off at an uncle 's arm. Hahaha.
He seem to noe he is there to work, to brin comfort. As i carry him into their arms(most of them on wheelchair) - Jappy boy dont even dare to move an inch nor stranggle to let go. He behave and stay stil with all his kind effort.

The only time Jappy boy cries is when i went to the toilet and ask one of my friend whose dog is also in the session, to help me look after him. When i was walking back - i could my friend kept on telling Jappy - Mummy go tiolet - Mummy cuming back. Hahaha My friend told me he went into Panick mode when i leave. And he dash left and right, try to break free to ran after me.
Oh oh - my sweet boy hor.

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