Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daddy wksite strays

These r e few strays in daddy wksite dat we r feedin. Wanna thanks certain people like h,h'contact m,reb,a,t...u noe who u r.thanks 4 makin e steralisatn proces possible 4 us. Hai,daddy been busy n sick past sats dat our catchin was delay but i promis i wil nt give up.
wksite pups r growin fast,cumin out 4 food n runnin ard already. Pls pray 4 their safety.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Reali miss Monster puppyhood

Look at e way she sleep. N c her fat tummy.she had a gd meal n then fal aslep fast aft dat. Monster dreamin of food.hehe

Can u spot monster?

I m in e common tiolet doin busines n dis monsteR insist dat she muz watch over me At All Times. See,she use her nose to puSh open e dooR as it nt close tighty. Can u al spot dat little nose of my monster cookie?

See-i m 'killin' e bear

From-cookie e monsteR

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jappy 's The Entertainer


Suddenly remember that i once wanted to blog abt this but end up too busy too

I send Jappy boy to Annie Pet Store for grooming…

After the groom, Jappy boy was outside the grooming room, running and smelling all the pack treat that were laying ard.

I decided to go to the next shop to buy something and I left Jappy under Annie care and Hubby was there to look after

After getting what I want – I went back to Annie Pet Store.

And guess What?

I saw a group of aunties. And I mean different groupssss of them standing outside. of Annie Pet Store

The auntiesss goes”oh…so cute…like so huggable….and I tel u all these aunties seem drooling over this boy.

And when I peek in….you noe what this Jappy boy doing?

He is jumping up and down all the times, and I tink he is screaming. This boy is looking for his Mummy. And when he caught the sight of me – his jumping action became like a balloon going to burst.

And the more he jump – the more the aunties out there goes ---oh……so cute.

Hahaha- there is my boy crying and crying for mummy and yet here are the aunties who find him a cutie in that. haha

Annie say to me” Your boy providing entertainment for passerby.

Hahah – he is not suppose to be cute lor – he is cranky looking for his mummy leh

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adopting a dog


Many times i heard from people who are getting a dog, looks cum in and play a big part. Thus also becos of looks, not many people are willing to adopt dog frm a shelter as they are usuali those not v clean looking, in short they called it dirty looking, not cute enought....etc.

I had to admit, we are all in the realistic world where by first impression - looks play a major part in our life. Even myself, i value my looks alot. As in, i will put on make up to go to work to look pretty etc. Cum on, i believe everyone is taken by good looks. U noe our eyes is a evil thing.

But i hope people who are planning to get a dog, do consider adopting one. I always believe all dogs can be v good looking. Wif good care and love - i m sure a ugly dirty wan can bloom.

Many a times when i brin Jappy out, strangers will have high praise for this boy. And of all the praise - The most heard is he is so cute and handsome. (i m not trying to be boastful but i hope through Jappy more people will do gave those ugly dirty looking dogs a chance to live in a home). Wel, i believe if they had seen him way back then when he first cum to my place - i m very sure i wont heard such priase at all....or perphas no body will even lay their eyes on him.

For those people out there who is planning for a dog - do gave those in the shelter a chance. U nv noe the one u c in the shelter who look dirty will surely bloom if given a chance to.

As a proof - hahah below are pics of once to be ugly dirty darling Jappy.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jappy's Gang of friends


Sat, we were invited to join the Shih Tzu gathering cum Princess Bella bthday party at K9. I didnt noe anyone there except dou dou Mummy n Daddy. But in the end of the gathering, we made news friends. They were all v friendly and warm. hehe, we were also invited to join their monthly gathering leh

Almost all the prince and princess there got long flowy coat. Wow kind of tempered to grow Jappy fur but wif my course taking twice nites away frm my time wif the babies....dun tink can manage. mmm mayb after my course can consider leh. But hor somehow daddy protest leh - Daddy prefer Jappy in cut neat puppy cut like him.heheh shall c how in 9mths later.

Pices to share - credit to dou Mummy and Daddy who goes ard snaping these pices.

More pices on the Party can be found


My Crazy Mummy cant get enought of this shih tzu - Dou Dou. keke(evil smile) Jappy korkor lost its beauty liao. hahaha.


Dou Dou is my friend. :-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happi Birthday Cookie


Remember how cookie cum about on my v v first post of this blog. After beloved grandma pass on - i swear that i must treasure each moments with families and love ones more. This mean more gathering and more bthday celebrations.

Cookie 1st birthday was a real simple one. With just a birthday cake and wifout any friends except for oreo who is her fur cousins, we ended her birthday celebration in just less then 15min on the blowing of her cake and ya...thats all it is. Although we did spent quality time together and she is like the queeen as it the first time i allowed her to eat up all her me this wasnt good enought.

I always wanted to share this moment wif friends so that it will leave a deep impression on my mind that one day if she is ever gone to heaven - i could still remember that moments

26 Sept 2009, we celebrated hers and oreo birthday together. We book a bbq pit at my uncle condo, order the cake and shepherd pie for the dogs as well as our human food.

Well, that day was real good memories...thanks to all my supportive friends. I would say the human had a great day chattering...i m not too sure abt the dogs though.

One thing for sure...Cookie not so happi durning the first half of the party. She havent sleep enough as durning the day - we will so excited abt it. I dress Jappy and her up like a thousand times. hahah trying different matching outfit...till i finali settle down for the Red Theme. Cookie was upsad liao. Even the happy go lucki Jappy run away the moment i took out another set of cloth.After a few sayang, we set off to the bbq.

Well nothings caught her attention...thus she pull a long face and sit alone at the branch. Only until, we took out her cake and light up the was only then that brighten her up.

She eye for the cake. And scold whoever that cum near it. hahaha

After the singing, the cake was share to all her friends. This emo selfish gal, the moment she saw all friends had their share on her cake, she change colour liao. she stopped eating halfway n continue pulling her long face.

Hai -- - - what a emo gal she is. But nevertheless, i had fun as in gathering and chatting wif my friends.
Next yr, we shall plan for a party at home as emo gal is a home gal. hahaha

The Birthday Emotional Gal

Cookie tinking of HOME

Chevro - So happi. Mummy love his long long fur

Cayn - Mummy fav gal
Belly - The faithful JRT. She is v protective of owner wan k
Dou Dou - Another of Mummy Fav - The handsome Shih Tzu

Rusty - The beary Maltese
Oero - The tiny Mouse
The Mouse head so small

Jappy - The checky Bear

Another one of Dou Dou - see how handsome he is

The Happi Cookie - Cake is on the way thus she wake up frm her home land

Cookie and her birthday cake - She cant get enought of her cake

See Monster cant let her cake go

And Last - Our one Family

There are other dogs that are not feature here - My sorri to them as its the first time Mummy handling Joey 's Camera. Mummy not good in taking pices at all.

Special thanks to joey for the camera and XX for taking part of the pices and to all that cum for the party and the gifts....this moment will not be possible without you all.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We are back

To all cookie's fan,


As promissed, i m suppose to post up her bthday party pices but Daddy was busy wif work and yet to do editing to it. Gonna wait a little longer k.


Not only was Daddy busy, Mummy also v busy. She disappear evey 2 nites per week. She cum home late. I waited extra 3 hrs then the usual time. SO angry....that i chew on all my soft toys and i almost kill all of them.
Mummy said she is studing. Her company sent her to take up a course and ya this take mummy 's time away frm me. Not only this.... I got to share Mummy's times wif stupid act blur kor kor Jappy.
Mummy promiss to spent more time wif us on weekends. ohya, Mummy smuggle me in the bag and we went shopping on last sunday. So fun wifout Jappy korkor. HAhahahh - blame kor kor for eating too much till so fat. He is fat. Mummy so skinny cant carry him for long so only me join Mummy in Shopping.
Hope we had more shopping together.....soon....