Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adopting a dog


Many times i heard from people who are getting a dog, looks cum in and play a big part. Thus also becos of looks, not many people are willing to adopt dog frm a shelter as they are usuali those not v clean looking, in short they called it dirty looking, not cute enought....etc.

I had to admit, we are all in the realistic world where by first impression - looks play a major part in our life. Even myself, i value my looks alot. As in, i will put on make up to go to work to look pretty etc. Cum on, i believe everyone is taken by good looks. U noe our eyes is a evil thing.

But i hope people who are planning to get a dog, do consider adopting one. I always believe all dogs can be v good looking. Wif good care and love - i m sure a ugly dirty wan can bloom.

Many a times when i brin Jappy out, strangers will have high praise for this boy. And of all the praise - The most heard is he is so cute and handsome. (i m not trying to be boastful but i hope through Jappy more people will do gave those ugly dirty looking dogs a chance to live in a home). Wel, i believe if they had seen him way back then when he first cum to my place - i m very sure i wont heard such priase at all....or perphas no body will even lay their eyes on him.

For those people out there who is planning for a dog - do gave those in the shelter a chance. U nv noe the one u c in the shelter who look dirty will surely bloom if given a chance to.

As a proof - hahah below are pics of once to be ugly dirty darling Jappy.

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  1. His eyes scares me the most. This dogs looks like a vampire. I'm afraid of having this kind of dog.

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