Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jappy's Gang of friends


Sat, we were invited to join the Shih Tzu gathering cum Princess Bella bthday party at K9. I didnt noe anyone there except dou dou Mummy n Daddy. But in the end of the gathering, we made news friends. They were all v friendly and warm. hehe, we were also invited to join their monthly gathering leh

Almost all the prince and princess there got long flowy coat. Wow kind of tempered to grow Jappy fur but wif my course taking twice nites away frm my time wif the babies....dun tink can manage. mmm mayb after my course can consider leh. But hor somehow daddy protest leh - Daddy prefer Jappy in cut neat puppy cut like him.heheh shall c how in 9mths later.

Pices to share - credit to dou Mummy and Daddy who goes ard snaping these pices.

More pices on the Party can be found


My Crazy Mummy cant get enought of this shih tzu - Dou Dou. keke(evil smile) Jappy korkor lost its beauty liao. hahaha.


Dou Dou is my friend. :-)

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