Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happi Birthday Cookie


Remember how cookie cum about on my v v first post of this blog. After beloved grandma pass on - i swear that i must treasure each moments with families and love ones more. This mean more gathering and more bthday celebrations.

Cookie 1st birthday was a real simple one. With just a birthday cake and wifout any friends except for oreo who is her fur cousins, we ended her birthday celebration in just less then 15min on the blowing of her cake and ya...thats all it is. Although we did spent quality time together and she is like the queeen as it the first time i allowed her to eat up all her me this wasnt good enought.

I always wanted to share this moment wif friends so that it will leave a deep impression on my mind that one day if she is ever gone to heaven - i could still remember that moments

26 Sept 2009, we celebrated hers and oreo birthday together. We book a bbq pit at my uncle condo, order the cake and shepherd pie for the dogs as well as our human food.

Well, that day was real good memories...thanks to all my supportive friends. I would say the human had a great day chattering...i m not too sure abt the dogs though.

One thing for sure...Cookie not so happi durning the first half of the party. She havent sleep enough as durning the day - we will so excited abt it. I dress Jappy and her up like a thousand times. hahah trying different matching outfit...till i finali settle down for the Red Theme. Cookie was upsad liao. Even the happy go lucki Jappy run away the moment i took out another set of cloth.After a few sayang, we set off to the bbq.

Well nothings caught her attention...thus she pull a long face and sit alone at the branch. Only until, we took out her cake and light up the was only then that brighten her up.

She eye for the cake. And scold whoever that cum near it. hahaha

After the singing, the cake was share to all her friends. This emo selfish gal, the moment she saw all friends had their share on her cake, she change colour liao. she stopped eating halfway n continue pulling her long face.

Hai -- - - what a emo gal she is. But nevertheless, i had fun as in gathering and chatting wif my friends.
Next yr, we shall plan for a party at home as emo gal is a home gal. hahaha

The Birthday Emotional Gal

Cookie tinking of HOME

Chevro - So happi. Mummy love his long long fur

Cayn - Mummy fav gal
Belly - The faithful JRT. She is v protective of owner wan k
Dou Dou - Another of Mummy Fav - The handsome Shih Tzu

Rusty - The beary Maltese
Oero - The tiny Mouse
The Mouse head so small

Jappy - The checky Bear

Another one of Dou Dou - see how handsome he is

The Happi Cookie - Cake is on the way thus she wake up frm her home land

Cookie and her birthday cake - She cant get enought of her cake

See Monster cant let her cake go

And Last - Our one Family

There are other dogs that are not feature here - My sorri to them as its the first time Mummy handling Joey 's Camera. Mummy not good in taking pices at all.

Special thanks to joey for the camera and XX for taking part of the pices and to all that cum for the party and the gifts....this moment will not be possible without you all.

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