Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jappy 's The Entertainer


Suddenly remember that i once wanted to blog abt this but end up too busy too

I send Jappy boy to Annie Pet Store for grooming…

After the groom, Jappy boy was outside the grooming room, running and smelling all the pack treat that were laying ard.

I decided to go to the next shop to buy something and I left Jappy under Annie care and Hubby was there to look after

After getting what I want – I went back to Annie Pet Store.

And guess What?

I saw a group of aunties. And I mean different groupssss of them standing outside. of Annie Pet Store

The auntiesss goes”oh…so cute…like so huggable….and I tel u all these aunties seem drooling over this boy.

And when I peek in….you noe what this Jappy boy doing?

He is jumping up and down all the times, and I tink he is screaming. This boy is looking for his Mummy. And when he caught the sight of me – his jumping action became like a balloon going to burst.

And the more he jump – the more the aunties out there goes ---oh……so cute.

Hahaha- there is my boy crying and crying for mummy and yet here are the aunties who find him a cutie in that. haha

Annie say to me” Your boy providing entertainment for passerby.

Hahah – he is not suppose to be cute lor – he is cranky looking for his mummy leh

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