Sunday, October 4, 2009

We are back

To all cookie's fan,


As promissed, i m suppose to post up her bthday party pices but Daddy was busy wif work and yet to do editing to it. Gonna wait a little longer k.


Not only was Daddy busy, Mummy also v busy. She disappear evey 2 nites per week. She cum home late. I waited extra 3 hrs then the usual time. SO angry....that i chew on all my soft toys and i almost kill all of them.
Mummy said she is studing. Her company sent her to take up a course and ya this take mummy 's time away frm me. Not only this.... I got to share Mummy's times wif stupid act blur kor kor Jappy.
Mummy promiss to spent more time wif us on weekends. ohya, Mummy smuggle me in the bag and we went shopping on last sunday. So fun wifout Jappy korkor. HAhahahh - blame kor kor for eating too much till so fat. He is fat. Mummy so skinny cant carry him for long so only me join Mummy in Shopping.
Hope we had more shopping together.....soon....

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