Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dog names


Never had i feel that chosing a name for a dog need great effort and guideline to avoid.To me, cookie's name came about just so that i love cookies alot and i feel that this name COOKIE does sound much fun and joy.

Having a dog is adding on joy and laughter to our life isnt it? So i was convince to name her cookie without tinking of COOKIE MONSTER then. hahaha

Soon, this cookie grows. And as she grow, of course she represent lots of fun and joy (in her self). I mean she do had lots of fun and joy in created rubbish. Thats her life! Since young her joy is in shredding paper. And as she ages, this joy turn into shredding tissue and now it became every soft toys that is in her way.

Well - she live up for her name: Cookie the Monster

i did some read up and research and found out that there are actuali certain guide when its comes to choseing a dog name.

Two Syallables:A dog name is best when its a two syallables name. Why? Cos one syllables words goes for commands like - sit, down, stay, up, no....etcFor those who read up on training a dog should noes that there are no such words as SIT DOWN. It will get the dog confuse as in" you wan me to sit or you want me to down.???
Well-back to name: one syallables name like Jo, as example could confuse the dog into tinking that owner is giving command.
As for any name longer that two syallables - its hard for the dogs to proces.

Sound of the name
A dog name should not sound like anyone in the family, if not when u are calling Daddy, your Danny dog cum instead.

Wel, in Jappy caase - this is what happen.
I used to call hubby a few nick like Hubby on good mood, Daddy when the furkids are ard, Dardar when i feel like it....
As u can hear, all these nick rhymes abit like Jappy
Of course, our sweet Jappy boy nv once been confuse or mixed up his name before....instead its alway the other way round.

When i call Jappy.........Hubby, Daddy, Dardar cum running to me.

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