Thursday, September 24, 2009

Goodbye Blackie

Yes…its been almost more than 3mths that we had parted.

Finali, the real truth sank it to Mummies and Daddies heart.

You came to us as a lonely skinny fearful black little pup

And now We lost you as our precious little black pearl

You have always been our pearl – The one and only black pearl

Perphas that the reason why u are born Black

Reality is sad, Life is cruel to a stray

The truth is final even no matter how much its hurt.

Thank you for once being there to teach Mummies and Daddies how to “Give”

Goodbye our baby black pearl

You be always in our heart, ones that make us ache so much

We shall met again, for sure the day will cum when u are forever ours in heaven…

A final Goodbye baby blackie, til the day we became one again.

This shall be the very last time we tok abt baby blackie.
She will remain in our heart til the day came.

**the whole journey of our preiouse black pearl can be found in**

1 comment:

  1. Well said, well said. They say the rarest kind of pearls are the black ones, they cannot be mass produced. Once in a while we find a rare gem. One who will inspire us to do more and one we will never forget. Yes, she is a rare black pearl and we will never forget her.