Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend Events


Mummy brought me and kor kor to serangoon. There is a dog event there. Kor kor take part in e fastest eating competition. And Daddy said Kor kor "throw our face" not only he didnt win, he ate like a gal. First he smell and lick and smell and lick. Kor kor didnt even finish the whole plate. Lousy korkor Jappy!

Happi Moments to share
WAWA - The tiny little chihuahua

As white as snow - Vivi the pure white one

Pure White Vivi wants a hug

Jon Jon - The Yappy Chihuahu
Who say Messy is not pretty? See pretty clove
The fat mouse oreo - she is dreaming of Food

Cookie: I m so angry wif this guy. He sat at My Mummy Lap for so long. Pls get ur butt off my Mummy. I M NOT HAPPI.

Mummy: My fav beautiful Ben Ben

Jappy: This korkor so much bigger then me. Mummy: Milo is such a calm boy who give in to all the small friends ard. Big cheer to him. Well Done - Milo

Jappy: Does this T-shirt make me look FAT?

Jappy: I M FAT anyway. I dun CARE. HAHA

Jappy signature Silly Look

Last is ME. My Butterfly Look

The Pamper Me being hug by My Daddy

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