Thursday, December 17, 2009

Late Posting on Last Sun


Last sun, we went to my godson house. Firstly to visit my godson, collect our dehyrated treats and also to see cookie, jappy, dou dou new addition young mei mei - DouNut.

I m very surpriesed over cookie super good warm behaviour. She appoarch their family and dou dou owner's god daugther for sayang. She even try to kiss her. Very not her monster style. That day - she was super guai except when she scold dou dou for smelling our bags. She was on the guard for who ever cum near the bag. hahaha - she protecting our belonging lah. but dou dou is consider part of our small family mah - take time for her to noe dou dou is her half kor kor too like her Jappy kor kor bah.

Dou Dou my godson so cute that day. He bow down and ask for play wif Jappy boy so so so many times. He even bend down, waig his tail, bark and ask Jappy boy to play and chase him then he run off. But Jappy boy just stund - dun noe how to react. Dou Boy so cute - turn back and "hei why no chase me kind of look on him" and he run back to Jappy boy and did the same action again and again. Many times but no reply. Poor darling dou. He must be wondering why Jappy dun wan to play wif him. hehhee - me and dou's mummy know that its becoz Jappy boy got no childhood thus he does not know how he should react. Dou boy so patient wif him, nv even lost his temper at all....but eventuali he give up lah. Lets hope in future - they will play like real brothers. Perphas Jappy need more time to open up in this area.

Pictures may be view at dou dou 's blog :

Jappy Boy:

God ma gave me a nice cystal collar. Hehehe cookie mei mei dun have. Mummy promiss will take a pic of my nice lovely collar to show all my friend so stay tune for my collar pics.


Who say i got no nice collar? Mummy brought one the same collar liao. Mine is pink colour. Nah! Nah! Nah! Stay tune for my collar pics too.

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