Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lazy Weekend


Sat, we are suppose to brin Jappy boy for his health check and to obtain a health certicated from the vet that show that he is in his pink of health and fit. In order to join the dog therapy group and to became one, he need to be fit with no illness. But sat, i was down with a bad cramp - would nt walk much too much pain. So burn our sat staying at home.

As i was too in pain, Daddy had to do the job in bathing the babies. Cookie have to had her bath first as she already hasnt bath for two weeks. Daddy is confirm more rought in handling the two of them....immedicately after bath, cookie run to me and sat on my lap with her pitiful eyes. When daddy cum near us, the more she cuddle in to me. Hahaha, but she does smell heaven despite the rought handling. ***Daddy, didnt brin in any pail to bath the kids and i tink he must have use the spray on them which i noe they hate it.*** hahaha this daddy ya, but good enought that he is helping me loh - so each time he bath them, i have decided not to peek in nor to even look at what he is doing.

Jappy boy had his bath on sunday. Ya, Daddy do the job too. Till the ending part, i heard Jappy boy screaming and banding againest the tiolet door. He must had enought of Daddy. hahaha...
But i control and didnt went in to rescue him thoug. Daddy said he is jumping and scream and banding as if he trying to ask for HELP - LET ME GO.

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