Monday, November 2, 2009

Dog Therapy session


Dear friends, i have puck up enough courage and determination to sign up Jappy boy as a therapy dog. Jappy yet to pass the temperament test that is shedule on the 29nov. Lets hope he pass to became one.

However, last sat, we went to visit one of their visit to the Bishan Home for the intellectually disable. Hubby and me went together. And i must say its reali an eye opening for us. You noe, we always heard of these needy people ard but we had nv once step into their life. And by seeing reali made us feel for these people. We cum to the conculsion that this is something we wish to do. Actuali after grandma death, i hope i could do something for more old folk as i regret that when my grandma was ard....i nv give her alot. i m alway busy wif something...til the time i noe she is down wif cancer and only then its too late for me to make time for her. So since god make me well and good, and wif Jappy mayb i could do someting meaningful.

Let prays for our Jappy boy.

Ohya weather been turning cold these few days. And my boy were so scare of thunder. And each time thunder came, he go into panick mood...dash here and there and hiding at places u wont tink he be there. I once got him inside my cupboard - dun ask me how he get in there...he reali sque into my pile of cloths...covering himself wif my cloths for protection bah. Over the weekend, i caught him hiding in the concern of our common tiolet.He curl up and was shivering. And oh ya he got himself all wet.
Let hope whenever the thunder is cuming, i m at home...comforting him bah.

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