Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks to all CookiE's Fans


Thanks you for all the wishes and prayer for our little cookie gal. She is recovering slowly after her 2hrs on drip last friday at Mt Pleasant due to her high fever. Seriously, her high fever shock me and Daddy. We didnt even noe that she is running such high temperature. In fact, Daddy brought her in cos she cant control her poopoo. Kept on running tummy - super wet stool and becos she reject her food. I was still thinking perphas we could self medicate? It was at the clinic when the vet take her temperature that shock us. mmm a lesson learn for us, frankly me and Daddy do not keep a thermometer at home and we didnt even have the habit of taking temperature for our babies when they show sign of sickness. I reali cant imagine what would happen if Daddy didnt brin her in that day - we could have delay in treating her. Thank God for being with us all these while, for guiding Daddy to send her in to vet.

Right now, cookie is recovering slowly (Bactrical infection that cos her high fever and running stools). As in, her temperature is at e normal range. On and off when we are late in giving her med - her temperature would rise alittle close to having slight fever, but still overall she is doing v well. I would say so cos i noe cookie's immunity is weak thus she might take a longer time. Vet advise us to be v v careful wif her intake of foods, treats and even water. We were told not to even share water bowl wif other dogs. Wel, i guess i just have to learn to take extra care. **friends, pls do help me if i m out wif anyone of u - pls help by not giving this gal treats, food etc**in return pls do sayang her extra for the pain she gone throug. :-)

Thanks to all! Cookie promiss to recover soon.

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