Monday, November 30, 2009

Special gift from a Special One


I recieved this veri special hand painting of our Jappy boy from one of my friend, Aunty C. Its something that reali touch my heart. This is not just a painting but its a painting of love for my Jappy boy. **Thank you veri much**

On our previous post, gues you all awear that Jappy boy is going throug his dog therapy Temperament test on last sunday rite. Good news is Jappy boy passed his test already. He is all ready to be a usefull helpfull therapy dog soon. Jappy's Godma and myself and Daddy and Grandma all so proud of him. Tester commented that this boy got all the best in him and that he pass to be one. Will never forget this comment.

Jappy boy - Mummy so proud of u. Well done! You have cum so far my darling boy!


What so big deal? Kor Kor Jappy u have to be there and let people touch here and there leh - i then dun want. (Sticking out her tongue)

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