Monday, April 6, 2009

Mummy's friends

Ever since we shifted to Sengkang, mummy have a new group of friends. Mummy said they are her v close friends becos they share the same passion as mummy. **hahaha Mummy's friends passion for helping dogs is even much greater than my lasy bum mummy**

Mrs A is a gifted women. A lady who is granted by God the power to write v well. She have the power to write v nice, fluent story of all the dogs that cross her life. And most impt, she have a v big heart for all these animals. She feels how they feels. She is the voices of all those dogs that cries for help. Mrs A is a working mummy wif two children. A very busy women but all her time are always v well spent. You will find her writing storys for dogs that need her. You will see her feeding in the wild - even if she have to climb up slippery slope, She is ever ready to do wonders things even if she may be hurt in the process but mummy said she will do it so long it benefits the dogs. She is a PR person in the group and she uses this skill to help many many dogs to find homes.
The efforts she put in really deserve a kiss frm me. hahaha mucks and many licks to Mrs A.

Mr T is a very manly man. He is not only cool - He is very hardworking man. He is ever ready to run up and down wif many appts pack up in his shedules. And he does all this for the dogs. You will see him, driving big big dogs to vet, to people's house for viewing, for events even if its picking up doggy stuf. He never once complain tired unlike my Daddy. Ops by the way - Daddy is another lazy Bum. Mr T does all these without even a single words. He did it for the love he have for dogs.
No kiss or licks for Uncle T cos he is return i gave him big big clap ok.

Next is Jiejie J. Jie Jie is Mrs A and Mr T daughter. Jie Jie adore me alot alot. At first when i see her, i always snap at her. Becos i dun recognise her smell at all. But this did not turn Jie Jie away frm me. Jie Jie love me for who i m - COOKIE THE MONSTER. Slowly bit by bit, i became more at ease wif Jie Jie. And jie jie always love to hug me, even when many other dogs ard....Jie Jie is attached to me. She make me feel and looks like a princess. haha Jie Jie reali noe how to take care of dogs.
Big Big hug to Jie Jie.

Last is Ms B. She is a v v v kind preti lady. She is ever so ready to give. She always shower dogs wif treats. Mummy said Ms b love all kind of dogs. The most unglam...dirty, smelly, skinny wans would melt her heart...thats her soft spot. **God can make me unglam...dirty, smelly, skinny so i can have treats frm aunty B's hands.hahaha**** Aunty B always faithful prepares foods for these dogs. She would even add vitamin to the foods so that all these skinny dogs will built up their health wif it. So many people ard dun like what she is doing but her love for them is so great that even being look down, point at, make fun - she will continue to give, she will give all she can, she will gave till the day she cant.
I will send my love and prayer to her while she give.

Mummy said that all these friends make her life v v fruitful. For its through them, that mummy learn how to love, give and sacrific. And all these friends any expect any praise or gifts or anything in return for the works they have done.
But to mummy, she feels they are reali nice person that need to be praise and be pat on. Mummy said if she can she would tel the whole world how great they are cos they reali are. **Bet they'll be super duber shy if they ever noe i blog abt them. hahaha but after hearing mummy about them, i always feel proud for mummy to have such nice people ard her.**

Keep up the good works guys: COOKIE E MONSTER looking forwards to hear more abt u.

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