Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mini Adoption + My new toy

Last Sunday, mummy went for a mini adoption drive and she came back wif so many different dog smell. Grhhhhh I m so grumpy.....

But Mummy bring out a new Toy for me. Its called Mr Giraffe.

By the way, Mummy is a 2nd Hand Soft Toy collector in her office. Everyone noes mummy take in all kind of soft toy for me. hahaha and many aunties will pass mummy toy cos all their kids had grown up so no more use to them. Mummy refuse to buy any soft toy for me. :-( cos she said i always kill them within hrs. Tel u all - i got a very stingy mummy. But lucki mummy is only stingy towards Toys for me. For the sake of all the exp meat/food/treats/milk/vitamins, i forgive her.

The "BEFORE" Pic of Mr Giraffe
The "After an HR" pic of Mr Giraffe.**see one eye missing**
And last - See my HAPPY face over THE MISSING EYE

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