Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who is the Ghost?

Yesterday, Its Good Friday! Meaning Daddy and Mummy dun need to go work. Ahho! Its my Day then. Early Morning, Mummy wake up at 6pm and went to grandma 's market to help out. After half a day there, mummy cum home and start packing my towel, my bathrop, my water bottle...and some treats. And off we went to Club4paws.

Mummy said swimming is very good for dogs to keep fit. As she had read somewhere that 30min of swim is equal to a dog going for 10km walk. And to mummy, she love to dump me into the pool to make me swim wif no choice. To her - its a good form of keeping fit. And To me - its HORRIBLE. I hate to get my coat wet, I hate the pool and I hate the dogs there. I never love to mix ard, cos i dun like big big head smelling my butt.

HAHAHA! God reali love monster so much cos by the time we reach there, the sky start pouring. Nasty mummy still insist to let me swim (Under the rain ok) But Daddy always save me out of trouble. Love my Daddy so much cos he alway help me get out of Mummy nasty plan! *Daddy i Love you!*

Mummy still did not wan to give out the idea of dumping me into the pool. So we went to the Cafe to wait for the sky to turn better.

The moment we step into the cafe, i was greet by a big golden GR. This GR cum rite to me and smell my butt. I said before - I hate them to smell my butt. So i quicky turn ard and make a big loud furious bark and i snap rite at his face.Wahahha I pretend to be fierce wan to scare him off. And i did scare him off. but in return my butt got a slap frm Mummy. Why cant mummy understand i m not human ok - i cant control my feeling like human. Mummy forever cant understand this. Dun friend her for today.

I was happily sitting my mummy lap while they had their drinks and small bites. I was always on the look out for small bites that drop out of mummy mouth.

Then, the GR happen to walk pass mummy wif his waigging tail and mummy whister out to him. This mummy always love to sayang other dogs. She cant keep her hands off wan. And Happy GR turn and run toward mummy.

The moment GR cum near Mummy. He saw me. And u noe what happen next? GR got a big shock - Eye big big, all his fur stand and he jump back. Its as though he had just seen a ghost. And he run off fast wif tail lock below. Didnt even turn back to peep at me. Mummy, Daddy and friends were all laughing their heads off. A big GR saw a ghost. He reali appear as if he seen a ghost wif his eye almost pop out.

And the stupid ghost is ME Lah - COOKIE E MONSTER

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