Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Am i a good mummy?

Been feeling guilty and lousy after the nite before incident which made me question myself.

Monday nite

After a long tiring work day, i reach hm to find "poo poo" in the middle of the living room. Without checking, the tot of this naughty gal anyhow poo. Angry and i scolded at her. Poor gal hide under the dinning table wif a super guilty look. I grap her out, push her head to the smell the poo, slap her hard at her butt. Not once but a few times. Had to admit i m pretti strict wif her in terms of her potty training as i have a super clean frek dad who wil scold and nag at me whenever she dirty the house. But cookie is a smart good gal, she didnt reali give me much problems on this except when she is having running stomach.

After cleaning up the poo, i sat at the living room. She cum up to me and sat in front of my lap. I knew she kind of hurt by my action but god noe what got into me: i push her away. she cum to me the 2nd time, sat in front of me again - i push her away again. She jump up to kiss me, but i blush off her kiss and i walk off to the room to change.

Its was then i saw and knew the whole picture. I saw another poopoo beside her pee tray. and then i knew she must have try to poo at the tray but becos her butt fur is so long, the poo got struck in between which explain why there are poo beside the tray. And as for the living room - i believe she must have tot she finishes her business, of course not knowing the poo struck there, and it drop off in the living room.

Seeing all these, i quickly went up to her. Kiss her and sayang her. And then i realised her butt got another pcs of poopoo struck in the fur.

Hai my poor gal got beaten when its not her fault. Feel so bad over it. Been v guilty these two day although she seem forgotten over it.

I promiss you(Cookie) this will nv happen again. Hope u noe mummy always love u even when i m angry wif you at times.

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