Friday, April 3, 2009


Cookie: This blog is speciali dedicated to Mummy's Beloved Grandma. Mummy said this is how i cum about. Grandma went to heaven on 2007 and being so depress over her departure, daddy decided they should get a dog.
What? a dog to keep them busy? A dog to keep Mummy's mind away frm Grandma?
The Humans are so bad....shouldnt they get me Becos i m cute or....becos i m pretti or becos i m loveable??? :-(
Anyway, the truth is this.... But still have to thank Grandma....for after her departure, Mummy and Daddy love for dogs started.
I m going to blog and blog about Mummy's Daddy's and Mine life for if grandma ever able to see this (mayb grandma can assess internet in heaven???)...she will know that both of them are doing v well now BECOS of ME : COOKIE e MONSTER.

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