Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Silly Bear and the Tiny Fat Mouse

Yesterday, we went to visit Jappy kor kor and Oreo JieJie. I had great fun there.

I m the youngest in age among them but HAHAHA i m the Super leader. When i run, they follow. When i Jump and fly onto the sofa, they sit on the floor. I love being a hero there. Wahahahha

This tiny fat mouse oreo love to climb onto mummy's lap and ask for sayang. I wont give her any chance to cum near my mummy. I used my beautiful big butt and push her out of the way. Hurray cos i always win. But dun understand why mummy always tel me "Its ok, cookie dun like that!"
I tel all of u - ITS NOT OK, OK? I wont let anyone cum near my mummy especiali U(TINY FAT MOUSE)

Tiny Fat Mouse - On Andy-her owner lap after being pushing away frm my butt.
Her bein carried. She is so lousy always need people to carry her wan!
Look at her stupid smile. She looks just like TINY FAT STUPID MOUSE!

Althoug oreo jie jie looks FAT, looks STUPID (not only looks, she is wan), look LOUSY and LOVE to cum near MUMMY, i still love her for who she is lah cos she is my baby playmate. She is one week older than me. And she came to the "NG" family earlier than me. We used to visit the vet together. And when we had our jab, we used to cried and whine together. We cuddle together on the way home after the vet. So since then, oreo jie jie is not just a jie jie to me, she is my soul mate.

Next is the SILLY Bear bear Jappy. Jappy is a resue dog. His owner dun wan to brin him back to her own country and gave him away. When he first cum, he got long long hair. But it was all matted. so Mummy brin him for a grooming and they shave him down. He dun even noe how to chew on treats. But after few mths, c this is the happy SILLY bear bear - MY JAPPY KOR KOR
Mummy didnt manage to take pics of us playing cos Mummy lousy HP camara so SLOW. Wait til Daddy get his bonus then we will have good camara to take nice movement pics k.

BYE BYE! C you again

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