Monday, June 15, 2009

Facts about me - CookiEeMonster & JaPpyEpastor


Number 1: I m Mummy's and Daddy's First Beloved.

Number 2: I love to cuddle beside Mummy when i sleep.

Number 3: I hate others dogs to cum near my Mummy and me.

Number 4: I love the dustbins. (especiali when no one is ard)

Number 5: I love the dinning table too. (especiali when no one is ard and best if its just after the human dinning times)

Number 6: I began to learn to bark at strangers even since kor kor Jappy cum. (Must show him i m the leader)

Number 7: I need to hump Ms Piggy every nite before bed time.

Number 8: I kiss Mummy most when she is ANGRY wif me.

Number 9: I m a SNAPPY monster.

Number 10: I dislike the stupid bear Jappy Kor Kor. (why must i call him KOR KOR when he is a silly little bear)

The facts abt Jappy

Number 1: He is once a given up child which is the reason for Mummy and Daddy to dote on him.

Number 2: He is a happi go lucki kid.

Number 3: He make funni noise when he ZZZzzz.

Number 4: His signature pose is: bite on the soft toy and roll on his back wif all his four on the air. (Cookie: i hate him to do this pose, cos he always manage to made Mummy laught in joy)

Number 5: He got the most tiny teeths.

Number 6: He is a easy target to be bully. (Cookie: HAHAHA)

Number 7: He is a jelly or u may called him toufu.

Number 8: He hates no one and nothing.

Number 9: He is happy and contented with anything.

Number 10: He is Mummy's and Daddy's new love.

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  1. I'm sure your Daddy and Mummy luv you both very much! :)