Friday, June 19, 2009

New Bed for Jappy


Jappy kor kor got a new bed. He tink he is a big baby sleeping in that baby mattress.
Nah! i m much better then him, i get to sleep much bigger bed then him.


Noti Monster. U still dare to boast ard. U are the wan who caused Mummy to spent on this baby mattress cos u baned Jappy for getting onto the bed. U so noti snap at him when he try to jump up. I m so tired of scolding u til i gave up. Poor Jappy for the first week sleep on the hard floor wif only blanket to keep warm. Cant bear to let him continue like this.
The baby mattress fit so nicely into the corner of the room, beside our bed. So i get to pat him even when i m laying down. And of course, Jappy get to c me when he lay on his mattress. And the best part is it only cost me $19 for this mattress. We brought it frm NTUC Ang Mo Kio Hub. And the cover can be taken out to wash. HAHA feel so worth everybit of my money.

The Silly Bear laying on his bed

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