Friday, June 12, 2009

My Poor Gal got no EAR


Cookie was down with a bad allergy. She started off vomiting and its stop durning the afternoon. In the evening, she was like back to norm except i started to notice her eye abit swollen. Hubby agree to brin her to vet first thing in the morning. Vet confirm its allergy but the cause is unknown. Brought her back in the afternoon. Hours later, this gal's ear started to swol bady. The whole ear cant even stand. Its flashing red and hot. Hubby brin her along to pick me after work. I was stunned when i saw her. Her body temperature was hot. Ear were red - flash red in colour. I insist we brin her back for review. We waste no time and drove her back.

At the clinic, we jump the que ahead of others. Vet immedicatly gave her two shot. One throug the vein as her case is urgent and another shot throu the skin. The shot throu the vein will take effect fast after 30min and wil last her 6hrs while the next shot throu the skin will take effect 4hrs later which will last her another 6hrs. Vet was tinking of admining her for the nite to monitor as the first 6hrs is very crucial. The first 6 hrs will determin if she had any side effect reaction like panting or rashes or flashing red body. Hubby, me and vet in a long discusion and finali agree we should monitor her at home and to rush her down if any of these reaction occur.
I bet she wont rest well if she were to admin there. Poor gal, was already shivering all the way when we step into the clinic. And her being so attached to me, i m preti sure she be frezze in fear if she ever stay for the nite there.
Since the next 6hrs is impt, hubby and myself stay awake to watch her. We only manage to sleep at 2.30am when we r more assured that she is stable. Frankly, i m very tired but yet i wake up many many times durning the whole nite. Its as though there is an alarm inside me that jek me up each time i fall deep into my wonderland. The whole nite pass throu as if its seem a hundred yr to me.
Now as i m writing this, the time is 10am morning. Her ear are stil red which its not suppose to as what vet commented. If its stil red, we are suppose to brin her back. Called the clinic and ask for advise. Since the ear swol already seem subside alot, we will monitor her further before bringin her back.
*Thanks to Dr Loi and gals at Mt Pleasant**
Dear friends, pls join me in prayers for this gal.

Cookie: I M SICK! SO SICK! :-(


  1. Do update us on Cookie status! :( oh dear!!

  2. oh..just read ur post..
    What happen to Cookie?? Is she better now??