Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jappy Boy New Look

Sat were a long day for us.

First, we drop off Jappy to Annie Pet Store @12plus and off we went to Kranji event. Before i left, Jappy was looking at me pitiful as if Why you dump me here? I m sure Annie would take good care of him and i left to help out ALL in rasing funds. The crowd wasnt alot thus sales frm these event not alot but still all the helper enjoyed ourself alot.

The Body Guard T-shirt
Jappy Boy Trying his Body Guard T-Shirt
Here is the T-shirts, ALL is selling which i brought a set for both my gal and boy. The Body Guard T-shirt. This T-shirt suit cookie character alot. Cos she is so sticky to me and protective too. She snap if i sayang other dogs, even toward her own Kor Kor. Thank God for Jappy's wonderful character, Jappy is the world most giving dog i ever seen. He give in to her every bully but of course this make me super dote him more. The evil Cookie. Back to the T-shirt, ALL are selling these T-shirts. It cum in almost all sizes frm 1 to 6. Prices wise are cheap and affortable and most imptly, part of the profit goes to the poor doggies in ALL.
T-shirt frm size 1-3 are going at $11, while size 4-6 going at $14. There are more cute and nice designs. For those who are intersted in these T-shirt, Pls let me noe in the chat box - and i will get back to u. There are other items like doggie Bag and Bed as well. Or u may join us at Beneful event in Fort Canning this cuming sunday 14 June.

After 5hrs later, Jappy is ready to pick up. The moment he saw me, he jump in joy and circle ard me. Annie done a super good job. The many mths of neglected sign of urine, tear stains were all gone. Annie reali took 5long hr to slowly groom him and he bloom. Reali got no idea how she did it but it was a wonderful job. Annie prasie him for being so gentle and soft. In fact, Annie fal in love wif tis boy and she comment that he got the prefect Shih Tzu look. The real Teddy bear look - i guess. She even say if her hands iszit so tight wif so so so many dogs she would sure take over jappy. hahaha - Jappy is taken, he is MINE! hahah, actuali looks to me is a bonus. In the first place, i took him in out of the blue just becos my uncle wanted so much to gave him away. Cookie also not the perfect chihuahua look, she is big muzzle long wasnt consider as a beauty in many's eyes. So long as cookie is clean and healthy, i m sure she bloom from deep within. Like wise for Jappy, i pray that he bloom and maintain this wonderful character for the years to cum.

The "Before"The "After"

This Jappy Kor Kor no longer smelly and wet. hehe, now i dun mind go near him.

Ohya i hate to wear T-shirt. And stupid Mummy get me that Body Guard T-shirt. Oh no she insist for the up coming event, i had to wear to be a model for ALL. And i must go ard showing off my Body Guard T-shirt to attract people. And hopefuli people will ask mummy where she brought this shirt then mummy can brin in sales for ALL. She tink i m a free model! I demand for treats and more treats.

Cookie Mei Mei, what is T-shirt??? (wif his blur blur look at u)


  1. Jappy look so handsome after grooming! :)

  2. Thank you DoMo. He looks like a bear. Cum join us at the upcoming event k.