Sunday, June 14, 2009

Updates on Cookie


Sat - Brought cookie down for recheck again as the ears are still flashing red! Vet confirm her as hyper body reaction toward allergies thus she will take a longer time to heal as compare to others. This also means that i had to be extra careful wif her in future cos once she got any allergy reaction - its gonna be a serious case. Gonna watch out wif treats, and imptly not for her to pick up any unknown stuff off walk.
Right ear got infection due to the swoll and discharge. She was put under antibotic for 10days.
She was also on steriod for two days. I m not so willing to put her on this (Steriod) but seem like i had no other choice as her case was deem serious.

The whole sat - she was restless, grumpy and snappy. As we drove hm, jappy who was sitting beside me - move alittle, cookie get frustrated with him and attack him. Its the first time she attack and reali show sign of want to bite. As u all noe, this monster is a veri snappy wan, but she had nv once reali attack. Most of the times, she just snap to warn off the other party. Thank god i was just right in front to grap her. Even when i manage to grap her and pull her off, she show her teeths and growl like she is going to kill. Jappy was scared off and whining away. Did a search on steriod and found out that it will make one more aggressive and snappy. So we cornor off Jappy frm her and she sleep throu the day and nite.

Sun - She seem bettter. Slight improvement on the ears. Its not flashing red on the whole ears. It turn into patches of reddness. And she is did play alittle wif Jappy. We brought her to fort canning event tinking of not coping her in the house and wanting to let her breath some fresh air. Went there for less than 2hrs and she is so sleepy and grumpy so we brought her back soon. She sleep thro the afternoon. Nite time, she seem better in the mood to hump her "Miss Piggy" which she does every nite before bed except for the past fews nite.
Sunday marked the last day she is on steriod. Although all the other med still continue.

This morning, her ear are much better than yesterday. Still patches of reddness ard but the patches seem smaller already.
Cant wait for it clear up. Also, i miss the old noti up to no good Monster.

Miss her Jumping onto the dinning tables to look for scap of food bits (we had learn to keep away all food frm the table), miss her for taking revenge againest Brother(Brother always threaten to beat her when she cum into his room) and Monster will take revenge in pooing right outside his room when he not ard. And when Bro is home, hahah Monster will run and hide at any corner that she tinks can she can take cover from. Used to scold and nag her for being so noti but now i m missing all these. Miss her old self so much........

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  1. Good to know she is better now! :) DoDo got a small infection on her ankles too! Vet shaved the infected part need to clean 2 times daily. :(