Friday, June 19, 2009

Jappy Boy Got Bully


This morning, brought both babies down for a walk. After Jappy 's first pee, we happen to see a white furry maltese name: Apple.
The moment both parties met each other, they spring toward one another. Jappy boy, of course, wif his happi waiging tail greet Apple while Cookie on the other hand, put up her usual defend self. Cookie started to smell Apple and when Apple turn ard to smell her back. Monster start showing her teeth. I was then holding on her muzzles wif a firm No to teach her a lesson.
The next moment i noe, Apple was happily smelling Jappy and Jappy accepted him wif his happy usual pose. Seconds later, Apple
hike his leg and spray his pee right in front of Jappy boy face. It happen so fast and by the time i pull Jappy off - his face are already stain wif pee.
Apple's owner keep saying sorri to me and he started scolding Apple non stop.
Grhhhhhhhh, i wasnt happi at all but since the owner keep saying sori - it cool me down.
And gosh our boy just take it wif a BIG SILLY BLUR SMILE on his face and a forever waiging tail. He didnt even noe he got bully and he took it as if its a game.
Ahyo - Jappy boy is too innocent. Perhaps to him, every thing is a joy. A joy to be spray by pee on his face???


HAHAHAHA! He so silly. Jappy Kor Kor, u so blur wan, dun u noe how to run away frm that dirty smelly water?


Oh! what happen yah? (Blur look again)

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