Sunday, October 3, 2010

Was it u?

Cookie - Mummy's gal

Yesterday evening, Daddy fall alseep at ard 6plus. Mummy was very tired. Tired from crying and was laying on the bed. Jappy Kor Kor was beside Mummy. But Mummy just couldnt fall alseep. Mummy felt so lonely, so empty. Mummy kept saying God is beside Mummy but still...mummy sense fear. Just suddenly, mummy heard a sound. Remember, when u were wearing the ecollar on, with that collar on, and when mummy were in the tiolet or inside the room...u alway try to sneak in to be wif mummy. And that plastic ecollar sound squeeing throu the door sound. I heard it once and i told myself I m thinking too much. Missing too much...but then again, Mummy heard it again. It stop aft the third time.

Was it u, Baby? u trying to cum into the room wif mummy? Mummy had left the door ajar, in case kor kor wan to go out....or when u wan to cum in. It became a habit already. R u reali here?

Mummy went to the living room alone. I tot i have to face it, face the tragic place where u left mummy. Mummy knee there for a good two hours. There wasnt any tears cuming out. Mummy felt so numb. So empty and lost.

But baby, Mummy were very surprise. U noe what - Jappy kor kor the fat lazy bum cum out to the living room. He was fall alseep when Mummy left the room. He cum out but he didnt cum near mummy nor did he cum to cuddle mummy. He just lay down at a corner with his head on the floor, facing mummy. He is watching over Mummy. Did u taught him so Baby?

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