Monday, October 18, 2010

Ur Jappy Kor Kor

Baby Cookie

Do u miss Jappy Kor Kor?

Baby, ur Jappy Kor Kor miss u so much. He is doing much better now compare to last two weeks.

But Cookie, Kor kor is stil not eating well. He no longer the happy go lucki Jappy anymore.
U remember, he used to bark and whine and jump when Mummy was preparing food for the both of u.
And cookie gal, u always got so angry with his rubbish that you will snap at him to ask him to shut up. Without u scolding him, he seem not keen in food anymore. He no longer cum and wait for his food in joy.
In fact, when Mummy start preparing food, he walk into the room with his tail down. Sometime when Mummy chased after him, he went to hide inside the walk in wardrobe and He even peek to see if Mummy went off chasing him already ant. Mummy had no choice so we change his diet to one meal a day. Cos by night time, he would be strave and hungry and have no choice but to eat. Even at nite, Mummy had to take like 20min to feed him compare to 5min when u are ard.
Jappy kor kor also not interested in treats anymore. Whatever treats we gave, he refuse to take.
Cookie baby, u see...actuali Jappy kor kor do love cookie alot too. Ur leaving left such great impact and changes in kor kor life. Do u noe how much we love u baby?

Baby cookie, Mummy still havent been sleeping well. And due to the lack of sleep, Mummy start having headache almost everyday. So bad so that Mummy had to take panadol daily. Mummy will try to cut down taking k. Ohya baby, our bach flower just came yesterday. Mummy took it last nite. This bach flower is a combination of a few naturals flower which help to calm the that its help with insomnia too. Baby u are stil watching over Mummy rite? Mummy have been trying my best to be happy each day, taking each day - hr by hr. Baby cookie, can u tell Mummy is trying already?


  1. Daddy says we doggies will feel the hoomans mood, We wun be happy until we sees hoomans happy and smiling! ^^ For the sake of Jappy boy, we hope you will be happy again . . . ^^;

  2. Thanks Domo.

    Will try to be happier for Jap. Prob take awhile. But will my best. :-)