Friday, October 22, 2010

I miss u

Cookie baby, Mummy found this pic while tidying the PC. Its Cookie and Mummy. Baby, do u stil remember? We went to help out at the dog show? And there is a mini competition for the look alike couple - owner and dog. And Mummy went to took this pic wif u and me.
Haha - cookie, we didnt win any at all. But Mummy stil think we look the best, cookie look the best of all. Cookie baby, u look so much like Mummy, dont u? U think so?
Past two days, our laptop spoilt and Daddy had to send for repair. So Mummy start to tidy up all the pics. Seeing ur pics hurt so much. And Mummy became worry, wondering if cookie is happy and all rite now? Remember, whenever we go holiday - cookie u will wait for days and not even wan to sleep. The most u nap while and start waiting again...And only when we are back, then u will sleep like a log for days.
Mummy wondering will u behave this way without us ard? But daddy say no...u will wait but u have god to shower plenti of love on u. Daddy and Auntie A said u prob sitting on God's lap, all the time, bark and showing ur teeth at those that wan to cum near...that's u rite Baby. Mummy always try to picture this imagine whenever Mummy feel pain. Mummy hope God will have many many hands so he could reserve one for u, to hug u. Mummy hope God will have many many legs so he could reserve one for u, to let u sit on his lap.

Cookie, Mummy miss u

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