Friday, October 1, 2010

My forever Cookie

Day 1 of ur arrival

U cling on to me as daddy drove us home.

U remember ur tiny little paw nail poke into mummy cloths. That how strong u are baby. U are just 2.5mths old when we pick u up.

So what u are not as tiny as other Chihuahua…so what if they wan u for breeding….from that day on – u are mummy’s and daddy’s gal.

The first 3 mths

With ur one side droopy ear…mummy and daddy take turn to rub ur ear.

We were told by doing so…our little gal wif droopy ear will broom into one wif sharp long ear. And baby u did. My pretty little gal. Do u noe u look just like mummy? Many people said so u noe baby?

Baby, u were so weak then....

Remember u cough n cough every moment that mummy even recorded and monitor the number of time u cough in an hr to the days following ur recovery.

U missed ur 3rd vaccine due to the kennel cough.

U were given jab aft jab. Almost to the stage of going to be admitted if u dun pick up.

But mummy n daddy were determined to do it right for u.

Baby thank u for you never collapsed to that cough. U sense our love didn’t u?

Do u remember we cover blanket and enclose ur play pen wif all the blanket as we were so afraid u will catch a cold.

You are the smartest gal I ever noe. You learn to sit at command at the tender age of 5mths old. U noe how to lay down at command.

Your 6-9mths old

Cookie u look just like a mouse then. Ur droopy ear stand up high wif very little fur. Maybe u are jealous of mummy long hair thus u always like to pull off mummy hair band. And make mummy look like a crazy women chasing aft u, wif messy hair.

U grow bigger now. U went for ur 2nd vaccine and follow by 3rd.

U were weak but baby u did recovered. Baby ur body not so strong but u had a strong will.

Cookie noti little gal – u outgrow ur play pen as u grow bigger. u are so smart, so smart that u manage to find a way to jump out of that play pen. Mummy cant figure out how u done it. I was at work, worry abt u when I received call abt u. And no one at home can manage to catch hold of u.

U spring so fast even mummy had a hard time catching you.

Baby u were noti playful like pup which mummy enjoyed being with u.

Remember u bite and spoilt daddy many ear phone…and u love mummy hair clips that I lost count of how many that was spoilt by u. baby, I m happy u grew up this way.

Baby, mummy send u for sterilized when u were just 8mths old.

Do u noe why mummy had to do that?

Baby, I wan the best for u.

I wanted to mark an end to u being so called chosen as the breeding wan for that shop…I wanted u to no longer have to give birth and go through pain seeing ur baby taken away from u.

I dun wan u to have any womb cancer when u age. Baby cookie, mummy wish and tot we would grow old together.

You cry and scream at nites after the operation and mummy cried with u almost every nites. Mummy carry u every other hours to the pee tray. Do u remember?

Your first nite sleeping with us was becos u are so playful. U managed to jump out of the playpen each time I close the light. U are so smart…smarter then anyone anything.

When mummy closed the light and watch u frm behind, u seem to know and u made no move. But the moment mummy entered into the room, monster cookie u jump out.

Somehow mummy sense u. always checking on u. and yes baby u win, u had ur first nite with us. In our bed.

You refused to sleep despite its 1am at nite. Daddy n I stay up til then and finally fall asleep as we still feel your tiny feet stepping over us.

The next morning, mummy found u fast asleep right beside me. So sweet of u cookie.

Your 1 yr birthday and 2nd yr birthday

Mummy brought you a strawberry chesse cake. Its your fav rite baby. I remember u fighting with oreo over the cake. U remember baby? Ur 1 yr we had a small but loving celebration at home.

Your first birthday also mark the year we shift into our new house. A home that belong to Daddy’s Mummy’s and Cookie’s.

Still remember, u are a super clean frek….u only pee and poo at home and no where else. So for the very first nite in sengkang, u miss ur pee and poo.

Till the very next morning, u pee on our platform. Daddy had a hard time clean up the platform for ur pee sink right into the wood…but baby mummy noe u were so guilty after that.

We had a first photo shoot for u right after ur first yr with us. Mummy wanted to keep good image of u when u are young. We arrange for the photo shoot. U were so easy to lure. U greedy little monster. With the power of treats, u do anything and everything.

Do u remember mummy cook for u every dinner time? Due to ur weak health, mummy always wan to gave u the best food. And u got high taste yah that mummy had to experiment different kind of food. Cookie mummy reali tried my best to give u the best in term of nutrients and health. Mummy went around looking for supplements to boost ur immunity you noe. Baby, I m so sorry, mayb what best for u iszit just supplements…its should b just letting u b happy. Forgive me for controlling ur diet…stopping you from eating rawhide….Mummy only wanted to give u the best healthy of all intake. Can u understand mummy’s?

Cookie, u change our whole family life. Every little bit revole ard u. U noe Ah gong nv like dogs before u? It was u cookie who came and touch his harden heart. Melvin Korkor hated dog like hell baby. And when u were young as a pup....melvin kor kor keep blaming u for his allergy feet. Melvin kor kor nv touch any other dog. Cookie with ur sweet and smart nature, u change all these bit by bit. Mummy caught Melvin kor kor serveral times patting u, droping food on the floor for u....and gal u were so clever...u listen to his command rite. He move, u move. He sit, u sit. Just like how u were towards Mummy. Mummy's shadow? U open the door for Jappy to be ours. If it was any other dog, mummy were sure it wont work out this way. Thank you baby cookie.

Baby cookie, remember our weekend spent with u in the car, waiting for mummy as mummy and daddy walk down that big field to feed “Blackie”. U remember her? Mummy told u Blackie got no food no love? Cookie u are such a sweet gal, u waited patiently in the car for us.

You cheeky gal…u start humping our legs almost every nite, despite the fact that u are spray. U noe mummy is “nono” target and u aim for daddy all the times. Till we cant stand it, we got u a Miss Piggy. U took to it the moment we brought it home. And everynite without fail, we caught u humpin piggy. Baby, we enjoyed seeing u happy, humping piggy.

When mummy and daddy had our argument, and mummy ran downstair to hide. Daddy carry u ard the blocks downstair looking for mummy. Baby, do u noe mummy saw u? Mummy saw ur worri look too. And mummy give in becos of u. Becos mummy noe cookie is waiting to see mummy. Cookie u brought daddy and mummy together each time we fight. Thinking back, we always argue who to take cookie…and becos cookie u cant be spilt so eventually…that’s make mummy and daddy patch up.

On mummy birthday, cookie u were smuggle in together to a Japanese buffet. U are such a sweet gal. U sleep throughout in the bag. U noe so long as mummy is ard, u are ok wif anything rite…even if u had to be inside that bag.

Mummy love cookie kisses. Cookie u always greet mummy by panting many many kisses on lips when mummy came back home.

Your 2nd birthday, mummy had a big celebration for u. Mummy invited all ur friends. And u noti little monster….u were so emo the whole nite. U sense they are going to had a share of ur everything isn’t? Nobody will forget how u cry, sing song, snap in order to protect ur birthday cake. U refused to let anyone cum near. Not even for them to see ur cake. But baby, Mummy love u just the way u are.

Yes baby cookie…I love even u if others say u are big, say u are not standard, not sociable…mummy dun care….mummy just noe u are mine baby – the wan that will stand up, bare ur teeth at others just to be the one and only on mummy’s lap.

U dun like to share, u dun like to give others ur toys…u rather grap everything bone stick into ur tiny mouth then to lay them down.

My dearest gal, u are so special. So selective to whom u like and whom u dislike. Mummy nv figure why. U pee on those u love and u remember them deep in ur mind.

Baby do u remember u bite the vet assistance til his finger bleed? Even the vet assistance were so scare of u and send u back to mummy arms. But baby u were so different in my hands. U were Mummy’s sweet little pie.

U were so smart, u hide ur treat somewhere and always cum back to steal Jappy treats and ask mummy for more.

U noti little gal, u love to dig the dustbin and shred all the tissue all over. And when mummy scream who did this – u are always the first to hide.

U noe mummy so well baby. When jappy anyhow pee and poo...and when we got home without seeing u greeting us..we noe at once this jappy anyhow do business again.

When jappy cum to us, the very first nite u scream and scream. Mummy had to comfort u for so long til u finali ok wif him

Do u noe mummy is so happy to see u asking him for play? Too bad, kor kor jappy dun noe how to react.

Baby even when u snap at jappy – mummy wasn’t angry wif u at all cos mummy noe that is cookie. That ur character. And I reali reali love u. Baby u love me as just much rite?

When mummy went for my operation….and was back home resting. Mummy was sleeping then and when I woke up…mummy peek and saw little cookie guarding me. U doze off and quickly juke urself up again to guard over mummy. U are my guarding angel.

Baby cookie – ur had ur first allergy tat cause ur whole ear swollen and droopy. U had a high fever and we rush u to the hospital. Baby, do u noe that nite, Mummy and Daddy took turns to watch over u. We took ur temperature every hour and only manage to sleep in the morning. But baby, mummy and daddy were so willing to do all these for u. do u noe u mean so much to us?

Mummy love the way u cum and squeeze into my lap for cuddle. and when mummy took out ur comb, u will came running toward me, sat in front of me wif ur back facing mummy. U love mummy to comb ur hair rite? Mummy enjoyed every little bit of all these.

Darling, you seems to know which sunrise of the week is where mummy and papa can sleep late. you know so well that the weekends are coming. mummy like to sleep later but you will just manage to lick us up to make breakfast for you. you are our instant alarm clock for the weekend. We really missed it darling, how you disturb our hard earned weekend..... :)

Cookie - mummy's n daddy's gal

We remember the very day we caught our eye on u. U were alone in that tiny far away cage. We ask for a chihuahua n was show all except u. U were small hiden in a cage at that very far edge. Mummy ask for u n pointed that u r also a chihuahua, mummy question why nt u?

Baby, this good three years u were just my everything. My hope, my love, my joy, my laughter, my worri, my pain n my tears...

Cookie mummy is so sorry so sorry for nt being careful enought. So sorry for mummy shd have given u a cake. U angry wif me? I canceled ur cake order becos of ur allergy. Ur skin wasnt gd to take flour baby. Its mummy fault i shd have given u what u wanted a birthday cake instead of controlling u. The cake that was too late. Wil u forgive me, my dearest gal?

My special little gal - thank u for bein so protective over mummy. Thank u for every little things u ve done. I wan u to noe we love u a lot a lot which is more then just words.

Baby, even if one day we cleared away ur stuf, that doesnt mean we stop loving u... Nor forgotten abt u. Mummy wan to bury u deep in my heart, a very special place for a very special cookie. Cookie u understand? U agree wif mummy?

Mummy feel so pain like a knife slicing of my heart. Mummy dun noe how to get on life without u baby. Mummy cried everytime I step into the house after work without u greeting me. I noe u dun wan to see me tis way.

Baby cookie gave mummy more time ok? Mayb it wil b very long baby u wil wait for me rite?

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