Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My last day of sch

Cookie Gal

Today is Mummy's last day of school. Remember everytime Mummy tell u to endure for Mummy. Endure that Mummy had to go school on every tues n thur nite and had to be home late. Mummy told u its gonna be a yr. And soon aft its finished, Mummy will have time for u. Mummy said before, after this course, Mummy will bring you and korkor down for walk everyday...but Baby u didnt wait til then. Actuali Mummy wanted to start bringing u for walks more often then before already, but before Mummy could do so,U were gone already. Frankly Mummy hate this words...U are gone. This is exact the words Mummy heard when i rushed u in to the vet on that tragic day. Frankly, Mummy knew it before we even reach the vet. But Mummy just dun wan to face it.

Today was the last day of school and Mummy was feeling much worse then yesterday.

Baby, Mummy gonna force myself to study. Each time Mummy tink of u, each little pain Mummy feel, each little fear that grip Mummy heart....Mummy gonna convert all this to Mummy's exam. Baby cookie u be just like before rite...right beside Mummy...watching over Mummy.

2010 was realli a bad year for Mummy. This year is the hardest of all years. Even harder then the year Mummy loss Grandma. This year is the year, Mummy loss my heart, my love, my little cookie gal

20th Oct cuming...ur heartworm day. Should Mummy cook something nice for u on that day? Mummy feel like doing so...but yet noeing u wont there eating and had to throw the things away eventuali...but still, Mummy think i will do it. Even if u cant eat it, Mummy hope at least u can smell it...can u smell it in heaven? Can u smell Mummy's love for u? Its very sweet? Shall i prepare ur fav egg, pork and mmm let Mummy think and cum out with something nice for u ok.

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